‘Levius’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal & Release Date

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If you’re a fan of martial arts anime, you’ve definitely been spoilt rotten by Netflix this year. With the additions of Baki, Kengan Ashura and now Levius, there’s plenty for you to enjoy. Of the three anime mentioned, Levius is the latest series added to Netflix. After an excellent first season, subscribers have already asked about season 2. Here’s everything we know about the renewal of Levius.

Levius is a Netflix Original anime series based on the manga series of the same name by author Haruhisa Nakata. Production of the anime was handled by Polygon Pictures, who have worked on previous titles such as Knights of Sidonia and the animated Godzilla movie trilogy.

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After his parents become casualties of war, Levius is taken in by his uncle Zack. Under Zack’s tutelage, Levius immerses himself into the world of mechanical martial arts, a brutal new sport separate from that of traditional bouts. As his innate ability for martial arts begins to blossom, he begins to capture the attention of strong and dangerous opponents.

What is the Netflix renewal status for Levius?

Official Netflix renewal status: Pending (Last Updated: 03/12/2019)

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to confirm its renewal for Levius.

Fans shouldn’t worry, Netflix often takes its time with the renewal of Originals, and often fans can be waiting a while to hear updates on anime. We’d be shocked to see Levius not return for a second season, especially with how well received it has been by subscribers.

Does Levious need a second season?

We won’t go into spoiler territory for this one, but Levius definitely needs further seasons.

The first season has covered the majority of the story of the Levius manga and cut a whole bunch of plot from the anime. Polygon Pictures could look to Levius/est (the second Levius manga) to continue the story. We hope that a second season would use some of the plot/story cut from the first to add more depth to the story. There are some really interesting characters and story beats that have been left out that are sorely needed.

How was the reception from subscribers?

Overall, the reception for Levius has been fairly positive.

Kengan Ashura has been incredibly popular this year, so if you love Kengan, make sure to check out Levius.

The artwork for the Levius manga is beautiful.

When is the Netflix release date for Levius?

This is entirely dictated by the renewal of Levius and whether or not Polygon Pictures have already begun work on the series.

At the earliest, we could see Levius return to Netflix in late 2020. It’s more likely that a second season would arrive sometime in 2021 instead.

Potential Release Date: Late 2020/2021

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