Love, Death & Robots Episode 13: Lucky 13 Ending Explained

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Once again, this season blew us away with some absolutely astounding CGI. For anyone confused about the ending to the thirteenth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Lucky 13.

All rookie pilots are given the worse ship available. When Lieutenant Colby mans the cockpit of ‘Unlucky 13’ she sets out to change the reputation of “13” for good.

Ending Explained

After flying 10 straight missions without so much of a scratch on ’13,’ Lieutenant Colby was offered a brand new ship. Going with her gut she decided to stick by ’13’ for as long as she could. While flying on an evac mission, ’13’ is brought down after being hit by an anti-air missile, but thanks to Colby’s skill as a pilot she was able to crash without anyone being injured. As enemy forces surrounded the ship Colby instructed everyone on board to find cover and await evac. Using the heavy gun aboard ’13’ she gave the soldiers enough time to evacuate. But as more men surround the ship it doesn’t look good for Colby or ’13.’

One last run

With no ammo left, Colby has no choice but to flee the ship. As even more troops surround their position, Colby activates the self destruct sequence on ’13’ but says goodbye to the ship before she’s forced to flee. With Colby and the troops surrounded, the enemy soldiers begin to pile around ’13’ using her as cover and for positional advantage.

As Colby awaits her self destruction, nothing happens. The ace pilot realizes that ’13’ doesn’t want to go out just yet and as even more of the enemy troop take a position by ’13’ Colby realizes what’s actually about to happen. Yelling to get down ’13’ initiates its self destruct, killing all the enemy. Colby and the crew are successful evacuated but not before the pilot picks up the remains of ’13’. Lieutenant Colby is presented with a new ship an awarded for her bravery but there’s nothing she would love more than to fly ’13’ one last time.


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Lucky 13

We can all agree that not only is Colby a phenomenal pilot but the ship was possibly sentient. With the point of view of the ship shown throughout the episode it heavily hinted the ship was always watching and listening. All other pilots before Colby had likely disrespected the ship thus the ship had no respect for the rookie pilots that flew her. With Colby at the helm, they both more than earned each other’s respect to the point where Men wanted to be on ‘Lucky 13′ just showed the amount of respect, the men had for the dropship and Colby. With Colby apologizing to the ship for having to initiate its self destruct. ’13’ was finally ready to die and waited for as many enemy soldiers to surround the ship before exploding.

Alternatively, the pilots were known to be a suspicious bunch. Therefore successes of missions may have just been down to Colby’s skills as a pilot and a huge amount of luck on her side. The ship was old and known for failing, so when the self destruct sequence initiated it was just a glitch that it didn’t explode and just so happened to explode as more of the enemy surrounded them…

Nah, she was definitely sentient.

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