Ludacris Netflix Kids Series ‘Karma’s World’: Everything We Know So Far

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Karma’s World & Chris “Ludacris” Bridges – Picture: Netflix / Getty Images

One of the upcoming kids’ animated series we’re most excited for is Karma’s World, a musical-oriented show that’s being produced by the renowned pop star, Ludacris. Here’s a dive into everything we know so far. 

It’s well documented that Netflix has signed a slew of overall deals with kids’ content creators.  These include Darla Anderson (Coco, Toy Story 3, Cars), Chris Williams (Moana/Big Hero 6), and Kenny Ortega (High School Musical). Alongside these, they greenlit a show with a less obvious kids creator, rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges.

The new series, Karma’s World, targets kids aged between 6 and 9 and is due to land on Netflix on October 15th, 2021.

What is Karma’s World about?

The concept is inspired by Bridges’ daughter, Karma, who recently turned 20. In various interviews, Bridges has stated that he has been developing the project for over 10 years.

Initially, it took the form of an educational, interactive website in 2009.  From there, he reached out to partner with Brown Bag Films/9 Story Media Group as he was a big fan of Doc McStuffins.

The 40 x 11’ series follows10-year-old, Karma Grant, “an aspiring musical artist and rapper with big talent and an even bigger heart”.  Karma is uncovering the emotional power that words and music can have.  It promises to push the boat out with stories that have never been seen for this age group; following Karma who is aspirational and powerful but also real, with flaws and issues to overcome.  Head Writer, Halcyon Person, has a broad background spanning from late-night comedy to kids.

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What to expect from the Karma’s World soundtrack?

Bridges will supervise the soundtrack, along with co-writer James Bennett Jr.  It will be produced by Gerald Keys and feature original songs that tackle things like self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination, friends, family, and leadership.  The show is looking to move hip-hop culture forward and inspire young girls.  In terms of animation, the 3D style wants to push the boundaries of skin tone and hair texture.

Karma's World

Karma’s World

9 Story are heading up licensing activities for the property and has been aggressively pursuing consumer product activations.  These currently cover a publishing deal with Scholastic and a multi-year deal with Mattel, including dolls.  Retail agents and local licensees are also signed. Beyond some Dreamworks titles, SVOD originals have had limited success in the consumer product space.  With all this tailwind perhaps Karma’s World can change that.

Karma's World

Karma’s World

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