‘Midsomer Murders’ Leaving Netflix in October 2019

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Midsomer Murders – Picture: ITV

Another huge show is scheduled to leave Netflix US in October 2019. Midsomer Murders which has been streaming on Netflix since 2014 and is scheduled to depart on October 1st, 2019. 

Since 1997, Midsomer Murders has been a staple of day-time TV in the United Kingdom and as we mentioned above, Netflix introduced the show to millions thanks to Netflix picking it up five years ago.

The series follows a police inspector and a sergeant solving crimes in the English county Midsomer. 116 episodes across 19 seasons are currently available on Netflix.

New seasons of the show have come to Netflix yearly up until 2017 when Netflix picked up season 19 but has failed to get season 20 which aired in March and now it looks like season 21 in production won’t be available either.

Another crime drama, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries that follows a similar beat to Midsomer Murders is also currently due to leave Netflix although that departs slightly earlier.

As of the time of publishing, all 19 seasons of Midsomer Murders are scheduled to leave Netflix on October 1st.

When will Midsomer Murders stream next after it leaves Netflix?

The good news is that you have a few options when it comes to watching Midsomer Murders.

20 seasons of the show are available on two paid for options including AcornTV and BritBox. Those two services seem to be the natural home for British shows from the likes of BBC and ITV. We do know that a lot of British shows have been making their way off of Netflix as the streaming war heats up.

There’s a couple of other options here too. IMDb TV and The Roku Channel both carry the show although, like Netflix, they only currently carry 19 seasons of the show.

Another blow to the Netflix library but ultimately is a niche third-party license for Netflix which it’ll now use the money to license said show on original productions.

Will you miss Midsomer Murders if and when it leaves Netflix on October 1st? Let us know in the comments.

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