‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ Leaving Netflix in September 2019

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Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries – Picture: ABC

Popular Australian detective series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries will be making its departure from Netflix in the United States in September. Here’s why you should watch the series before it departs and where it’s likely to stream next. 

Netflix has made some great purchases from Australia for its content lineup in recent years. Some great examples include Wentworth which is by far the most popular. It has also acquired some Australian titles for its Original lineup too including Glitch (final season coming in September) and more recently, The InBESTigators.

One of its earlier pickups was the ABC drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The period drama sees a female sleuth fighting crime by investigating murders back in Melbourne back in the late 1920s.

Only Netflix in the United States is scheduled to have the show removed in September with all three seasons and 34 episodes leaving on September 15th, 2019.

Other regions currently streaming the title including the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, most of mainland Europe and Latin America. Although we expect other regions to follow suit, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is currently safe for the moment.

Why is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries leaving Netflix?

Simply, Netflix is not renewing or ABC is not renewing the license for Netflix to stream the title. This shouldn’t come to much surprise given the show is one of the older ones in the Netflix library and Netflix tends to prefer having newer series particularly when it’s producing them.

Where will Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries stream next?

The good news is that a new home has already been lined up for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. At the moment, seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on AcornTV. We’re expecting the full collection to join there soon enough. It’s not a surprise given a lot of period dramas have departed from Netflix as of late either earmarked for Acorn TV or Britbox.

Some other big titles are scheduled for removal in September including Parenthood, Californication and Portlandia to name but a few.

Are you sad to see Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries leaving Netflix? Will you be headed to Acorn TV to watch the show?

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