Netflix Announces New Cast Members for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

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new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy

Fans of The Umbrella Academy have been dying to learn more about the third season, and finally, we have some exciting casting news for the upcoming season. The members of The Sparrow Academy have been announced, and all of the cast members have been revealed.

The dramatic plot twist to end the second season of The Umbrella Academy sent fans into a flurry of theories, not to mention dream casting. With all seven members of Sparrow Academy now revealed, all that’s left to do is sit and wait while the third season gets underway .

Justin H. Min is the only non-new cast member as he will be returning to portray the role of Ben Hargreeves. However, Ben will receive a significant character change for the upcoming third season. He has been described as “scheming, tactical and vicious, determined to gain his status as a leader.”

Sparrow Academy #1 / Marcus Hargreeves – Justin Cornwell

Taking on the role of Marcus and Number One of the Sparrow Academy is Justin Cornwell. In the comics, Number One has displayed powers of super-strength.

Justin Cornwell recently starred in the Netflix Original Christmas musical Jingle Jangle and portrayed a young Jeronicus. He has previously starred in the Training Day series, The InBetween and I Am the Night.

Sparrow Academy #3 / Fei Hargreeves – Britne Oldford

Canadian actress Britne Oldford will portray the role of Fei and Number Three of the Sparrow Academy. The powers of Fei haven’t been revealed in the graphic novel, so we’re currently in the dark.

Britne recently starred in the TV series Blindspot, and fans of the Arrowverse franchise will recognize her as Peek-a-Boo from The Flash.

new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy britne oldford

Sparrow Academy #4 / Aphonso – Jake Epstein

Jake Epstein of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Designated Survivor, and Suits will take on the role of Alphonso, the fourth member of The Sparrow Academy.

The powers of Alphonso have yet to be revealed.

new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy jake epstein

Sparrow Academy #5 / Sloane – Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis Rodriguez will take on the role of Sloane, the fifth member of The Sparrow Academy. As the opposing member to fan-favorite #5 of The Umbrella Academy, it’ll be fun to see how the two characters interact with each other.

Rodriguez is most well known for her role as Honey Lemon in Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Netflix has yet to reveal Sloane’s powers.

new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy genesis rodriguez

Sparrow Academy #6 / Jayme  – Cazzie David

Relative newcomer Cazzie David will be portraying the role of Jayme, Number Six of The Sparrow Academy. One of the unnamed characters of The Sparrow Academy in the comic book has been described as acting like a human Voodoo doll. With the character description of Jayme, Voodoo like powers would definitely suit the character.

Cazzie has five acting credits to her name, having previously starred in Hannah Montana as a child and most recently in the short Stealing Pulp Fiction.

new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy cazzie david

Sparrow Academy #7 – Christopher / C.G. Cube

Jokingly, Netflix has listed C.G Cube as the cast member listed to play The Sparrow Academy member Number Seven, also known as Christopher. Whether or not Number Seven will receive a voice actor remains to be seen.

new cast members umbrella academy season 3 sparrow academy cg cube

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