Netflix Argentinian Thriller ‘Recurrence’ Coming to Netflix in July 2022

The Argentinian thriller 'Recurrence' is coming to Netflix in July 2022.


reccurance argentinian netflix thriller

Some of Netflix’s most successful non-English language movies and TV shows have been in Spanish, but not enough have come from Argentina. Coming to Netflix in July 2022 is the Argentinian thriller Recurrence, and here’s everything we know so far.

Recurrence is an upcoming Argentian Netflix Original thriller film directed and written by Alejandro Montiel. Also credited for writing the script are Florencia Etcheves and Mili Roque Pitt. Production of the movie was handled by FAM Contenidos.

When is the Recurrence Netflix release date?

It has been confirmed that Recurrence will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, July 27th, 2022.

What is the plot of Recurrence?

The synopsis for Recurrence is courtesy of Netflix:

Manuela Pipa Pelari is not the same woman as she once was. The stern woman who survived her time in the Federal Police Department by breaking rules and keeping dark secrets has decided to change her life. After letting the dealer Cornelia Villalba go free and quitting her job, her life fell apart. Her aunt Alicia Pelari, with the intention of rescuing her, brought her to the small town of La Quebrada in the north of Argentina, where Pipa isolated herself for ten years. In this town, Pipa found peace and the opportunity to start over and let her guard down. She promised herself to never recur to violence again, until the tragic death of a teenage girl drags her back into one the place she thought she had escaped from.

Who are the cast members of Recurrence?

The cast of Recurrence was revealed in a tweet by Netflix. However, aside from Luisana Lopilato, it’s unclear what roles the remaining cast members are playing.

Below is the cast list for Recurrence:

Role Cast Member
Pipa Luisana Lopilato
TBA Mauricio Paniagua
TBA Ines Estevez
TBA Ariel Staltari
TBA Paulina García
TBA Malena Narvay
TBA Aquiles Casabella
TBA Benjamin Del Cerro
TBA Santiago Artemis

What is the movie runtime?

We have confirmation that the Argentinian thriller has a runtime of 115 minutes.

Where was Recurrence filmed?

The filming shoot took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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