Netflix Has Added Over 3,000 TV Episodes So Far in 2024

In the United States, Netflix has added over 170 new shows with there now being well over 3,000 episodes to binge.

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Netflix Added Over 3000 New Tv Episodes So Far In 2024

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In the last few days of March, Netflix in the United States added over 500 television episodes, which made me wonder: How many TV episodes have been added in 2024? The answer is quite shocking: over 3,000!

As you know, we track the Netflix library in the US quite diligently with our database feeding our what’s new on Netflix section. Since the end of last year, we’ve been tracking the number of episodes getting added to the service.

In 2024 so far, between January 1st and April 5th, Netflix US added over 171 new TV series (either scripted or unscripted), equating to 3,152 episodes. This comprises English-language and non-English language episodes with both Netflix Originals and licensed titles.

Splitting that by language:

  • 66.5% of all TV episodes added were in English
  • 33.8% were non-English language.

Splitting by whether the episodes were Netflix Originals or not:

  • 75.3% of new TV episodes were licensed titles
  • 24.7% were Netflix Originals.

What were the series with the most episodes added to Netflix so far in 2024? Here’s the top 20:

  1. Martin – 132 episodes
  2. Monk – 125 episodes
  3. My Wife and Kids – 123 episodes
  4. The Resident – 107 episodes
  5. This Is Us – 106 episodes
  6. Royal Pains – 104 episodes
  7. The Jamie Foxx Show – 100 episodes
  8. Sex and the City – 94 episodes
  9. The Conners – 93 episodes
  10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 90 episodes
  11. Vikings – 89 episodes
  12. My Hero Academia – 88 episodes
  13. White Collar – 81 episodes
  14. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files – 66 episodes
  15. ONE PIECE (Season 20) – 57 episodes
  16. Black Clover – 51 episodes
  17. DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai – 50 episodes
  18. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka – 43 episodes
  19. The Wonder Years – 32 episodes
  20. Judge Dee’s Mystery – 32 episodes

You’ll notice a few things about the top 20. They’re either old licensed shows, many of which came from the Disney deal announced in December, or anime titles.

Sex And The City From Hbo Coming To Netflix

Picture: HBO

There’s not a single Netflix Original in the top 20. In fact, the first Netflix Original to feature beyond the licensed titles is Luz: The Light of the Heart, which released its first season with an unusual 20 episodes. You could argue Girls5eva seasons 1-3 count (22 episodes), but we’re only counting season 3 there.

How many movies and documentary features has Netflix added so far in 2024? We currently have that number at well above 450 titles, with over 60 being Netflix Originals.

We should also mention games. So far, in 2024, Netflix has released six mobile games and one new cloud game, with another three mobile titles currently being soft-launched as we speak.

Now, all of this should be caveated with the fact that Netflix removes titles in addition to gaining them. For example, all six seasons of Community, consisting of 110 episodes, just recently left Netflix.

Could Netflix hit over 12,000 episodes in 2024?

Applying simple math to 3,000-odd titles for the rest of the year, we could easily hit over 12,000 episodes by the close of 2024. Sadly, we don’t have a long-term view of Netflix’s licensing plans (we often only get confirmation of titles a month before they’re due out). Still, if Netflix is just as aggressive in buying as its rivals and partners are selling, they could easily hit that number.

Why there’s more licensed shows and movies coming to Netflix

In recent years, Netflix’s licensed library had been decreasing significantly. As we’ve been closely monitoring, the ratio of Netflix Originals to licensed titles hit 55% back in July 2023, and as of the time of publishing today, that number is at 57%.

That said, several things have now shifted. In the hunt for profits, some of Netflix’s rivals who had completely turned off the taps to Netflix are now selling some of their shows again. In 2023, Netflix streamed HBO shows for the first time in its history.

Why does Netflix want these licensed shows? More episodes = more time spent on the application, and if you’re a Netflix member on the advertising tier, that means more ad impressions. More ad impressions = more money.

We should also note that this licensing trend applies to Netflix in all regions, and most international regions have also received their fair share of licensed titles over the past few months.

How many of the new 171 shows that have come to Netflix in 2024 have you checked out? Let us know in the comments.

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