Netflix Offline Viewing: FAQ’s

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Netflix has FINALLY added functionality that enables you to download some of your favorite shows to your mobile device to enjoy when you are offline. This functionality has been rumored for months now but finally came to fruition yesterday.

There’s a lot to take in as the new feature comings with a massive asterisk attached to it. Given the number of questions we’ve seen online; let’s run through some of the big questions surrounding Offline Viewing on Netflix.

Technical Questions

What devices is the download functionality available on?

For the moment, it seems that the download functionality is currently limited to mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS devices. The official support page says that you need iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.4.2 or later to be able to download the titles.

How big are the file sizes?

They obviously vary from show to show and movie to movie. We’ve downloaded quite a few shows now and here are the file sizes you can expect.

  • TV Episode (Hour long) 200MB
  • TV Episode (Half hour long) 120MB
  • Movie (1 hour 45 minutes) 380MB
  • Movie (2 hours) 500MB

Can you download entire seasons from Netflix?

No. You have to download individual episodes, at least for the moment.

Is this available on desktop and other streaming devices?

At the moment, no. We don’t expect Netflix to ever add offline capability to desktop devices just because of the piracy issue and as for streaming devices, most don’t actually operate without an internet connection. It’s likely that other portable devices such as the Amazon Fire Tablet and other mobile OS’s will get it but no plans are in place as of yet.

My application doesn’t have the download functionality

You may need to update your application. Go to either the App Store or Google Play and update your Netflix application.

How long can you have shows/movies offline before you have to go back online?

After 30 days the device that you use get’s disconnected so you have to sign back in to reactivate it.

How many devices can you use offline viewing on?

You can use up to 4 devices at a time for download before it won’t allow new devices to download shows and movies.

Content Questions

Available to download on Netflix

Are all Netflix Originals available to download?

With a few exceptions, nearly all of the Netflix Original catalogue is available to download onto your device. One of the exceptions is Arrested Development and Lovesick where Netflix got the rights to stream the show later down the line.

What other shows are available to download?

A lot. Although there are no definitive lists on fansites just yet, you will find every title that’s available to download in a special new category. Highlights include Breaking Bad and House. We’re not sure what the conditions are for third party titles to be available but we guess that Netflix has to shell over additional money.

What movies are available for offline viewing?

All the Netflix Original movies are available to download plus a tonne of third party and again, we can’t list each one so you’ll need to browse yourself.

Got anymore questions? Put them in the comment box below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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