Netflix Series ‘Stronger’: What We Know So Far

Netflix is working on a brand new series 'Stronger' starring Insecure actress Yvonne Orji.

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Netflix is ever expanding its TV series slate and one of its next projects is a female empowerment bodybuilding drama series with the working title Stronger, starring and executive produced by Insecure standout Yvonne Orji.

The project is created and written by Sheldon Turner, whose credits include Up in the Air, for which he was nominated for an Oscar for the Best adapted screenplay. His other projects include X-Men: First Class, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Longest Yard, and more.

Sheldon Turner

Producers for Netflix’s Stronger are Jennifer Klein and D.C. Wade. Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Stronger.

What’s the plot of Stronger?

Here’s the logline for Netflix’s Stronger:

Stronger will follow Toni Winslow, a single mom who feels unseen and unimportant. She becomes obsessed with bodybuilding as she explores the surprisingly tenuous line separating self-empowerment from self-destruction, and will undergo not only a physical transformation but also an emotional one.

Who is cast in Stronger?

Yvonne Orji

It has been announced in August 2022 that Emmy nominee Yvonne Orji would lead the cast of Netflix’s Stronger. Orji’s credits include Insecure, Night School, Tempting Fate, and others.

What’s the production status of Stronger?

Production Status: Pre-Production (Last Updated: 25/11/2022)

According to IMDb Pro Netflix’s Stronger has been in pre-production since August 2022. We’re still waiting for filming dates to be announced but we expect to learn more soon.

How many episodes will be in Stronger?

Netflix hasn’t disclosed how many episodes this series will have, but six to eight would be a good guess as that’s the usual Netflix standard these days.

What’s the Netflix release date for Stronger?

Netflix hasn’t announced any dates for Stronger, but considering its very early development stage, we can probably expect only a late 2023 or 2024 release date.

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