Is ‘Haikyu!!’ on Netflix?

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Who would have thought that a manga about Volleyball would become so popular? One of the lesser celebrated sports Volleyball has found a distinct home in the form of Haikyu!!, currently one of the best sports anime and manga to date. But is the popular shonen anime available to stream on Netflix? Let’s find out.

Haikyu!! is a Japanese anime series based on the shonen manga of the same name by Haruichi Furudate. The shonen series has become one of the most popular since making its debut in 2012. There has been a total of 36 manga volumes released to which a brand new chapter appears nearly every week. Haikyu!! would receive an anime adaptation only 2 years after its manga release and has fast become one of the most popular sports anime in Japan.

Hinata Shouyou aspires to become a great Volleyball player after watching the national championship match. Despite his small stature, Shouyou isn’t deterred and starts his own Volleyball team in middle school. After facing a crushing defeat in a competition against the star player Kageyama Tobio, Shouyou promises to become a better player. Joining the high school he watched compete in the national championship match Shouyou is determined to find a place in their Volleyball team.

His hopes of beating Kageyama is turned to dust after the star player also joins the high school, now the ‘Small Giant’ and ‘King of the Court’ must work together on the court and become the best high school Volleyball team in Japan.

Is Haikyu!! on Netflix US?

Sadly the popular sports anime is currently unavailable to stream on Netflix US.

Haikyu!! is available to stream on Crunchyroll but only with the English dub.

For the English dub, you’ll need a subscription to HIDIVE a lesser known anime service.

Is Haikyu!! streaming on Netflix in other regions?

Haikyu!! is available to stream in only 2 regions on Netflix. The following regions streaming Haikyu!! are:

Country Seasons Streaming Episodes
Italy 1 25
Japan 1 25

Haikyu!! is available to stream on the digital service Crunchyroll for UK audiences. As for Australian fans, you can watch Haikyu!! on AnimeLab.

Would you like to see Haiukyu!! streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below!

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