‘Pokemon Journeys: The Series’ Part 5 is Coming to Netflix in June 2021

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Pokemon Journeys The Series Part 5 Coming To Netflix In June 2021

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Part four has already been, gone and binged on Netflix, and fans will be looking forward to the release of part five in a few month’s time. Fans will be excited to know that Pokemon Journeys: The Series will be coming to Netflix in June 2021.

The past year has seen a great resurgence in the popularity of the Pokemon anime. In particular, Pokemon Journeys has been incredibly successful on Netflix, rapidly becoming one of the most popular additions to the Netflix library in 2020.

Finally achieving his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchum returns to Pallet Town in Kanto. When Ash befriends a like-minded trainer in Goh, the pair are hired by Professor Cerise to help his new research lab. With a new goal in mind, Ash with his trusted pokemon Pikachu, to travel the world in search of new Pokemon and battle strong trainers along the way.

 When will Pokemon Journeys: The Series part five be on Netflix?

Since June 2020 Pokemon Journeys has been released on a very consistent schedule, releasing new episodes every three months. If the schedule continues then part five will be coming to Netflix in June 2021!

Netflix has yet to announce the release date, but we expect it will be announced in May.

As stated, previous parts have been released consistently on a three-month cycle:

Will part six of Pokemon Journeys: The Series be coming to Netflix?

Episode 61 of the series (the first episode of part six) is scheduled to be broadcast in Japan on April 9th, 2021. With more episodes being broadcast, we can expect to see part six of the anime on Netflix in September 2021.

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