‘Power Rangers: Dino Fury’ Season 2 Reportedly Moving to Netflix Exclusively

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power rangers dino fury coming to netflix june 2021

Power Rangers: Dino Fury – Picture: Hasbro

Power Rangers: Dino Fury could be becoming a Netflix exclusive series for season 2 according to a new interview with Chance Perez. The series first season arrives on Netflix US on June 15th with the future of the show now looking to move to Netflix having initially beginning its life on Nickelodeon.

Netflix is already getting the exclusive drop of 3 episodes (with only 8 having aired on Nickelodeon) of the total 11 that are scheduled to come to Netflix in multiple regions from the middle of June 2021.

The future beyond these first 11 episodes looks to be headed to Netflix exclusively, however.

Spotted by NickAlive is an interview with Chance Perez who touched on a number of topics in an interview with iHeartRadio.

Perez when talking about what’s next for him says the first season is with Nickelodeon while “moving over to Netflix for season 2” adding that the episodes will be airing this year and next year (2022).

Based on previous years of Netflix getting new episode drops of Power Rangers, that almost certainly means that Netflix will get Dino Fury season 2 in mid-2022 but naturally, we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that.

We did reach out to Netflix on this and heard back when we asked about season 2 becoming a Netflix exclusive where they responded:

“We can confirm the first half of DINO FURY season one will stream on Netflix on June 15, so fans can catch up on the show before new episodes return. We do not have anything to announce for season two at the moment.”

Being a Power Rangers fan in 2021 in the United States is a particularly confusing time. With Dino Fury seemingly being split between Nickelodeon and Netflix and with much of the back catalog now unavailable via a streaming service, the franchise is, frankly, in a bit of a mess.

Will you mind if Power Rangers: Dino Fury season 2 came to Netflix exclusively instead of Nickelodeon? Let us know in the comments.

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