‘Queen of Divorce’ Law K-Drama: Rumoured to be Coming to Netflix in January 2024

New weekly jTBC K-drama Great Problem Solver is coming to Netflix in January 2024.

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We’re currently in doubt regarding the likelihood of JTBC’s upcoming K-drama, Queen of Divorce, coming to Netflix. It isn’t long before the series is due to premiere, and there’s still no confirmation that the K-drama is arriving. However, we have the full preview for the series, including its plot, cast, and episode release schedule.                                                             

Queen of Divorce is an upcoming South Korean law-drama series directed by Park Jin Suk (Sell Your Haunted House) and written by debut screenwriter Jung Hee Sun. Studio Lu Lu Lu and South Korean cable network jTBC produce the series.

When is Queen of Divorce coming to Netflix?

Multiple sources have reported that Queen of Divorce would be coming to Netflix. However, Netflix has yet to confirm that the K-drama is arriving. The series is due to premiere on JTBC on January 21st, 2024.

The K-drama will have a total of 12 episodes. Over six weeks, new episodes will be released on Wednesdays and Thursdays until the series finale on March 7th, 2024.

Runtimes have yet to be confirmed.

What is the plot of Queen of Divorce?

The details for the plot of Queen of Divorce are extremely limited.

Korea’s greatest marriage counselor has the solution to punish bad spouses and putting an end to the problems in their client’s marriage.

Who are the cast members of Queen of Divorce?

Lee Ji Ah plays the role of Kim Sa Ra. Queen of Divorce could potentially be the first Netflix K-drama for the actress who has spent the past three years playing the role of Shim Soo Ryun in three seasons of The Penthouse: War in Life. She is also known for her leading roles in other dramas such as The Ghost Detective, and Pandora: Beneath the Paradise.

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Picture: Lee Ji Ah in The Penthouse: War in Life (left) and The Ghost Detective (right)

Kang Ki Young plays the role of Dong Ki Joon. The actor previously starred in the first season of Extraordinary Attorney Woo as Jung Myung Seok and will reprise the role in the upcoming second season. He also had a supporting role as Hwang Pil Gwang in the second season of The Uncanny Counter.

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Picture: Kang Ki Young in Extraordinary Attorney Woo (left) and The Uncanny Counter (right)

The only two confirmed supporting cast members are Kim Sun Young in the role of Son Jang Mi, and Oh Min Suk in the role of Noh Yul Seong. Son Young has had roles in multiple Netflix shows such as Doona, Queenmaker, Crash Course in Romance, The Silent Sea, Hospital Playlist, Crash Landing on You, and When the Camiella Blooms. As for Min Suk, Great Problem Solver will be his Netflix debut, but he previously held leading roles in dramas such as Beautiful Love Wonderful Life and It’s Beautiful Now.

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Picture: Kim Sun Young in The Silent Sea (left) Oh Min Suk  in Kill Me, Heal Me (right)

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