Rebel Moon Video Game: Everything We Know So Far

What's known so far about the video game for Rebel Moon that'll expand the universe.

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rebel moon video game everything we know so far

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Rebel Moon is Netflix’s big upcoming fantasy sci-fi series from Zack Sndyer. Although the franchise will be kickstarted by a couple of movies, one of the expansions in the universe will be a new video game. Here’s everything we know so far. 

A Rebel Moon game was first teased by Zack Snyder in March 2023 in an interview where he was hesitant to even talking about it referring to it as an RPG referring to it as “immersive and insane.”

For a bit of context. Netflix is relatively new to the gaming space with them having launched their mobile game initiative back in November 2021. Their ambition is broad with the idea to bring some of their biggest IP to the video game realm. At the time of publishing, Netflix has released 70 mobile games and over a dozen interactive specials with plans for releases beyond just mobile in the works.

On May 1st, Super Evil Megacorp announced a big new partnership with Netflix announcing that they’d be working on “an amazing new IP.”

The game was officiailly unveiled at Gamescom 2023 on the Opening Night Live show hosted by Geoff Keighley. There, Zack Sndyer not only unveiled a trailer for the upcoming movies but also dove into the upcoming video game.

There it was confirmed that it will indeed be Super Evil Megacorp working on the game who put out a press release to confirm it too.

gamescom rebel moon video game reveal

Picture: Gamescom / YouTube Channel

Who is the developer for the the Rebel Moon game?

Super Evil Megacorp is founded by Tommy Krul is an is a full remote games studio that has employees in 11 countries. They were founded in 2012.

Games they’ve worked on thus far include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate, Catalyst Black and Vainglory.

rebel moon super evil megacorp games logo

Rebel Moon and Super Evil Megacorp logo

What is the Rebel Moon game?

Little is actually known in what format the game will be taking. In the press release from the game developer, they called it a “four-player co-op action game”.

Some have taken this to mean that the game will be a MOBA style game with RPG elements.

They also state, “We are working in close collaboration with the movie team to provide an additive and detailed look at the universe and factions you will experience in the films.”

Snyder, at Gamescom, mentioned that the game “will take place right after the events of the two movies,” adding, “you’ll be able to pick your rebel and go on missions” as a single player or in co-op.

What devices will the game be playable on?

No devices have been announced thus far although given Super Evil Megacorp’s previous works, we’d bet on it being mobile-focused first and foremost.

However, we do know that Netflix is expanding its gaming offering onto your television in the coming months and years so expect it to be available across a slew of devices eventually.

When can we expect to hear more about the game?

Super Evil Megacorp announced on X the day of Gamescom that the “Next intel drop” would be in 2024.

Finally, not only will there be a video game set in the world of Rebel Moon but a real-life role-playing game is also due to release that’ll come complete with a game master guide and a player handbook.

Are you looking forward to the Rebel Moon video game coming soon to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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