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When it was first announced that The Office would making it’s way to America after a successful stint in the UK it was obviously met with a lot of concern around the quality of the show. A few seasons in and you’re hooked. The cast and the comedy was exceptional and you do get emotionally engaged with every single one of the characters. You take great interest in a show about an office selling paper which would otherwise be very trivial.

The show ran for 9 seasons before closing Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton doors for the last time in early 2013. All seasons are available on Netflix and remains one of the most streamed shows on Netflix every year. It’s also one of those shows where you can binge watch the whole collection over and over again.

So you’re looking for something similar to The Office? Here’s some of our picks of shows streaming on Netflix similar to The Office US.

The Office UK


The source material for The US Office still remains in some people’s eyes the better version of The Office. Whether your opinion differs or not it’s still worth watching the UK version if only for comparison purposes. It’s a different tone to the US version, for sure.

Parks and Recreation


For a few years Parks and Recreation would be on the same time schedule on NBC with this and The Office doubling up as NBCs core comedy offering and there’s good reason they paired. It shares a lot of the same comedy as The Office as it’s also filmed in a mockumentary styled setting.

The show is about a Parks and Recreation officer and her attempts to get local government working for Pawnee. Like The Office, it relies a lot on its superb cast to pull in the laughs and it succeeds over and over again. This is one you’ll stream endlessly, I promise.

30 Rock


You may notice a trend here, NBC produces very similar comedies and that’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. 30 Rock is Tina Fey’s baby and also stars the incredible Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin.

It’s about the production of a show on network television called The Girly Show and takes a lot of jabs at the entertainment industry as a whole and that alone is great fun to watch.

The IT Crowd


The IT Crowd is another British comedy also set in a work place. It’s a different style to most of the titles we’ve mentioned above but we still think you’ll like it. Set in the basement of a large company, this IT department plays down to almost every stereotype going and features the famous catch phrase ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’.

Wet Hot American Summer


This Netflix Original is one I wasn’t too keen on diving into, especially since I didn’t watch the movie when it was released over a decade ago. I was pleasantly surprised however with how much it shares in regards to its comedy with The Office US. It features a lot of deadpan elements and while The Office doesn’t go quite as far as Wet Hot American Summer it’s still worthy of a watch just to see how Netflix is reviving old movies.

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