Stephen Tries Presents New Series for Netflix’s ‘Still Watching Netflix’ YouTube Channel

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Netflix is expanding its YouTube presence with Netflix UK teaming up with After Party Studios and Stephen Tries for a new series that will be based around various Netflix Originals including Squid Game, Project Power, and The Harder They Fall.

Stephen Tries, 26, is a British-based YouTuber known for his comedy videos on his main channel and his podcast. Tries also frequently appears on the popular YouTube channel, Sidemen.

Six episodes of a new YouTube series called Stephen Tries Cunning Stunts are “expected” to release in total starting with the first episode available on YouTube as of November 12th.

New episodes are expected to drop monthly with each episode around 10 minutes in length.

The series will only be available on the YouTube channel Still Watching Netflix which is a channel operated by Netflix UK. Netflix US runs a similar channel called Netflix Film Club.

The new series is produced by After Party Studios (a London-based production company run by Callum McGinley – known by his YouTube username Callux).

The premise of the new series will see Stephen Tries meeting stunt coordinators and performers who will assist and demonstrate some of the stunts you’ll find in popular Netflix Originals. In the first episode, we will see Stephen being set on fire to replicate the “fire fight” seen in Project Power with the help of British stunt-man Justin Pearson who has done stunts for two James Bond entries as well as Wonder Woman and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We’ve documented Netflix’s expansive YouTube presence before (Emily Horgan did an excellent roundup of Netflix JR’s efforts for instance) and Still Watching Netflix is an interesting case study too. Its most popular videos are clips from big Netflix Originals but also has had relative success with interviews with casts of Netflix shows too.

More recently, the channel has intersected with its social brands such as Strong Black Lead and Netflix Geeked and this new effort shows that Netflix UK is trying to bring YouTubers in to bolster its YouTube content and introduce to new audiences with YouTubes with established and engaged audiences.

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