Switched at Birth Season 4 Arrives on Netflix From November 25th

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Switched at Birth Netflix

If you’ve been waiting for the latest season of Switched at Birth, fear not as the arrival date is only a few days away. Originally covered in our what’s coming to Netflix in November 2015 list we’re going to pitch the show below to those who may have missed it in previous years. Season 4 is comprised of 20 full episodes and will all land collectively on November 25th 2015.

The show is part of the ABC Family Winter/Spring lineup and is a heartfelt drama that while a bit cliche is still a brilliant binge watch. Three seasons are currently on Netflix meaning there’s currently 73 episodes available to watch since it started airing in 2011.

Switched At Birth is about a pair of babies who were switched at birth come to find each other later in their lives and grow a friendship together. It’s a great premise that’ll even make you question whether you were switched at birth.

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