6 Titles Streaming on Netflix Similar to Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars is when of the best series streaming on Netflix right now and given that we’re still waiting on season 6 to arrive we’re going to look through six other shows you should watch right now if you’re a fan of Pretty Little Liars.

If you’re new to Pretty Little Liars then the question of “who is A?” will probably have never came through your head. In this popular ABC series, four friends have to group together to become closer than they’ve ever been to keep their secrets from being revealed about their past.

Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl is like Pretty Little Liars in the sense that it’s mostly about well to-do, privileged girls and Gossip Girls has more of them than you can shake a stick at. As of right now, there are 6 seasons of Gossip Girl streaming on Netflix US so it’s a great and long series to binge through.



Another teen drama here with 90210. The name is a little off putting with this title but it’s a great show to watch, particularly if Pretty Little Liars is your thing. The CW show is about a Kansas family that moves to Beverly Hills and have to adapt to the “culture” found there.

The Vampire Diaries


Fan favorite “The Vampire Diaries” is all about a girl that falls in love with a pair of vampire brothers. Chaos ensues. 6 seasons of the show is currently available on Netflix meaning like Gossip Girl, there’s plenty to go through here.



If you thought 6 seasons were enough to go through, how about going through all 10 seasons of Supernatural. That’ll keep you busy. In the show it’s about a pair of brothers who go looking after paranormal activity whether that’s from vampires, werewolves or other supernatural beings and hunt them down.

Switched at Birth


Switched at Birth is a lot more light hearted than Pretty Little Liars but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time if you’re a PLL fan. The 4 seasons of Switched at Birth involve a pair of babies born at the same hospital were switched and it’s about them coming to the realisation of this and the events that follow.

Orange is the New Black


Finally we include the Netflix Original Orange is the New Black. The female strong cast is all about Litchfield prison and the stories of the inmates while they’re in the clink and their prologue stories. The series was created by Jenji Kohan and currently has 3 seasons streaming on Netflix.

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