‘The Hollow’ Season 3: Canceled at Netflix After 2 Seasons

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The Hollow – Picture: Slap Happy Cartoons

The Hollow has been canceled after two seasons after the social media accounts for the series all simultaneously announced that it was “Game Over”. Here’s why the series was canceled and what else you need to know. 

Let’s quickly catch you up in case you’re not familiar with The Hollow.

Created by Vito Viscomi, Josh Mepham, Kathy Antonsen Rocchio, and Greg Sullivan the series is not only one of the best-animated series on Netflix for kids, it’s truthfully one of the most inventive and unique series on Netflix.

Season one debuted on Netflix all the way back in June 2018 with the second season being announced soon afterward. It then took just under two years for the second season to drop on Netflix in May 2020.

The cancelation of the show has come at a bit of a shock to fans as on August 31st, the social media account simply tweeted a small video that came with the caption of GAME OVER.

It also is accompanied by the message: “We’ve had an amazing time making this show. Thank you fans for all your passion and support!”

Connor Parnall, who voiced on the series followed up saying: “Well everyone, it’s been an amazing ride and I can’t thank you all enough for the love and laughs along the way”. He also added that he himself learned of the cancelation via the Tweet saying: “And tbh I didn’t even know we weren’t renewed until I saw this tweet, so I promise I wasn’t trying to get anyone’s hopes up”

Why did The Hollow get canceled at Netflix?

Well, it’s unlikely we’ll ever hear an official reason but we can make a few guesses.

Firstly, the gap between seasons one and two releasing was almost two years, for any show that’s a long wait but it’s likely the show lost any and all momentum. Ultimately though, probably not enough people watched season two to justify producing a third season as is the case with the majority of canceled Netflix shows.

Many could point towards a lack of marketing for season two which is a recurring Netflix criticism that’s often laid against smaller shows.

Naturally, there’s been a small but notable backlash against the decision as documented by PopCulture.com.

If you love the animation of Slap Happy Cartoons, you can still catch their work on several other ongoing shows including Apple & Onion and The Tom and Jerry Show.

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