‘The Irregulars’ Season 2 Canceled At Netflix

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the irregulars renewed for season 2 ahead of season 1 release

The Irregulars – Picture: Netflix

According to a production listing The Irregulars was meant to be getting a second outing but despite this, it seems as performance has not allowed the series to move forward at Netflix resulting in the show being canceled after a single season. 

Season 1 of the new Sherlock Holmes spin-off set in Victorian London and hit Netflix globally on March 26th, 2021. The show has lots of talent in front and behind the camera with Henry-Lloyd Hughes, Royce Pierreson, and Aidan McArdle headlining the cast.

The Irregulars follows a gang of troubled teens who are recruited to help Doctor Watson and his associates solve crimes.

The first season was set back production-wise when it was halted throughout the course of the pandemic but returned to wrap filming between August and September 2020.

Now, clearly banking on the show, they clearly gave early renewal signals to the team about returning for a second outing and that was then reported by ProductionWeekly back in their March 10th edition.

Filming was reportedly set to take place in Liverpool in the United Kingdom with Tom Bidwell is attached to the second season as writer and producer with Greg Brenman, Jude Liknaitzky, Michael Ray, and Rebecca Hodgson returning to produce.

As we originally warned, just because there’s active planning and dates preliminary set, we sometimes still have to wait for official renewal and unfortunately, that won’t come.

The cancelation news comes via Variety who states that despite good numbers via the Nielsen top 10s, the show didn’t do enough on Netflix’s own internal systems to return for a second outing.

On the top 10s, despite a strong week 1, the show quickly faded around the world. In the United States, The Irregulars only was in the top 10s for 18 days. It did well in Russia and Ukraine where it survived in the top 10 for 31 and 35 days respectively.

flixpatrol days in top 10 the irregulars

We’re yet to hear from the cast and crew of The Irregulars on the cancelation and will update you once we have more.

All is not lost, however. Don’t forget Netflix is also planning on expanding more into the Sherlock Holmes universe with a planned movie which we announced back in October 2020 will see Ehren Kruger direct a new feature called Sherlock Junior.

Were you hoping that The Irregulars would return for season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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