‘The Umbrella Academy’ S3 Rumored to Begin Production Prep in October 2020

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the umbrella academy s3 production starts october

The Umbrella Academy – Picture: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy is beginning prep on its third season from October 2020 according to a hotlist report from The Directors Guild of Canada. The series is expected to return for season 3 despite yet to be officially announced by Netflix. 

The incredibly popular series The Umbrella Academy premiered its second season back in July 2020 to rave reviews and although we haven’t heard officially how well the series has done via Netflix viewership figures, it has topped multiple Nielsen rating lists.

Most fans will know that season 3 is directly set up at the end of season 2 of The Umbrella Academy and there’s plenty source material left to cover too.

We reported on the fact we heard that The Umbrella Academy had been signaled for a season 3 and reportedly in active development back in July of this year. We also reported that both Lauren Otero and Elizabeth Padden had been attached to the writing team.

Further reports from ProductionWeekly also stated the same thing and now The Directors Guild of Canada not only seems to corroborate the fact that S3 is happening but has The Umbrella Academy S3 prep rumored to start in October 2020.

Filming for the series takes place almost exclusively in Toronto, Canada and according to ProductionWeekly, the series operates under the working title of Mercury.

Although the series is still considered to be in active development right now, the cast seems to be none the wiser as to the future of the show (or are held under strict NDA’s). Emmy Raver-Lampman for instance just this week featured on the IMDb Movies That Change My Life podcast where she said she wish she knew more adding “We’re honestly waiting with bated breath as well, as [you]. So, you know.”

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