‘The Victims’ Game’ Season 2 Confirms June 2024 Netflix Return and Reveals First Looks

The series returns two years later than originally planned!

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The Victims Game Season 2 Confirms June 2024

Picture: Netflix

After a long wait, we’re finally getting the second season of the Taiwanese thriller series The Victims’ Game, with Netflix confirming a June 21st return for the show’s new season and revealing new first-look photos. 

It’s been a long wait for the return of the Mandarin-language show (four years, in fact!), so let’s quickly update you. The Victims’ Game was first released on Netflix in April 2020 with eight episodes. Created by Chen Cheng-yu, the series is based on The Fourth Victim by INFINITY and follows a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome who risks everything to solve a grisly murder case.

The show wasn’t a big international hit but seemingly pulled in good numbers in its home and other Asian territories. FlixPatrol reports that the series only ever featured in three TV top 10s around the world, with those being:

  • Taiwan (57 days)
  • Hong Kong (46 days)
  • Singapore (14 days)

As we’ve often reported, Netflix likely decided to pursue a second season of the series because it reached 30+ days in its home territory. The series marked Netflix’s first-ever Chinese-language renewal and is still the only one to date.

“This renewal with Netflix is a milestone for the local entertainment industry to set foot on the global stage.” said producers Hank Tseng and Phil Tang at the time of the renewal. “It is time to unleash the limitless potential of original stories from Taiwan. We are excited to confirm that directors David Chuang and Allen Chen, as well as the production team will reunite on set. We are incredibly excited to bring Season 2 to viewers around the world, which will be even more thrilling and captivating than the first.”

The Victims Game Season 2 Poster

Poster for The Victims’ Game Season 2

The show is coming to Netflix much later than originally planned. When the renewal was first announced in late 2020, the series displayed notices that it would return at some point in 2022. That notice then flipped to, say, 2023 throughout last year, but it never materialized.

However, that’s all changed now, with Netflix confirming the title will be part of the June 2024 lineup. The second batch of episodes will drop globally on June 21st, 2024.

What can we expect from season 2 of The Victims’ Game? Netflix has provided the following synopsis for the upcoming season:

“In The Victims’ Game: Season 2, former investigator Fang Yi-jen and reporter turned public relations manager Hsu Hai-yin start a new life with his daughter Chiang Hsiao-meng. However, Fang is embroiled in a series of deaths, becoming a prime suspect. The incidents link back to a murder case he responded to 15 years ago. Prosecutor Chang Keng-hao doubts Fang and his mentor Lin Ching-jui’s integrity. Fang collaborates with Detective Chao Cheng-kuan and forensic examiner Hsueh Hsin-ning to uncover the truth and prove his innocence, or he risks losing his relationship with Chiang once again.”

Chang Hsiao-chuan reprises the role of Fang Yi-jen in season 2 with the rest of the cast including Hsu Wei-ning, Wang Shih-hsien, Tarcy Su, Dean Fujioka, Moon Lee, Lau Chun-him Terrance, and Chang Zhang-hsing.   

The Victims Game Season 2 First Look

Picture: Netflix

The Victims Game Season 2

Picture: Netflix

First Look Victims Game Season 2 Netflix

Picture: Netflix

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