Is Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour or Beyond Borders on Netflix?

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For Criminals Minds fans, Netflix is a great place to rewatch and catch up on previous seasons of the show. That is unless of course, you’re looking to watch either of the two spinoff series which Criminal Minds has made. As of right now, they’re not streaming on Netflix, at least in the US. Let’s take a look as to why and whether they’ll be coming to Netflix.

The Criminal Minds franchise takes the crime drama genre to a slightly different level focusing less on the actions of criminals and more on the psychology around criminals. The original show, now well into its twelve season, seems to be holding up against tough competition in the sector. It gets a yearly update on Netflix which is in July with season 12 thought be added in July 2017.

The two spinoffs, one of which lasted only one season and the other has been renewed for a second season due to air in 2017, are notably missing from Netflix so what’s going on.

Is Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior on Netflix?

The first spinoff, which turns out to be the one that bit the bullet the soonest. The series featured Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garofalo, and Michael Kelly. It even bought in Criminal Minds veteran Kirsten Vangsness too. It keeps a similar plot but takes it to the streets of San Fransisco instead.

The show’s first and only season is available on Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime and doesn’t seem to be coming to Netflix at all. The series isn’t available on Netflix abroad either.

Is Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on Netflix?

Beyond Borders is the most successful spinoff so far. Heading into its second season in 2017, the show unlike Suspect Behaviour takes the format abroad which has resulted in a much more watchable and interesting show. That’s opposed to it being a direct clone as such.

As of right now the show is available only on CBS All Access and has not been scheduled to be coming to Netflix in the future. Netflix could make a move on exclusivity but hasn’t done so with a CBS series for quite some time.

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