Two ‘Cobra Kai’ Superfans Predict What Will Happen in Season 6

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cobra kai season 6 predictions from superfans

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Cobra Kai season 5 is now out in the wild and if you’re like us, you’ve already zoomed through the series to reach the finale and now sit waiting for another season. While we’ve covered what we expect from season 6 of Cobra Kai, we asked two Cobra Kai superfans for their season 6 predictions. 

The two superfans we employed to help us with this article are Cobra Kai Kid and WatchParty, two YouTube accounts with sizeable fanbases and rich knowledge of the world of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai.

We should note that at the time of publishing, Netflix has yet to officially confirm the return of Cobra Kai. However, it is given it’s continuing to pull in impressive numbers for the streamer.

Cobra Kai Kid Season 6 Predictions

Cobra Kai Kid is easily one of the show’s biggest fan accounts boasting 220K followers on YouTube alone. He’s been covering Cobra Kai for over 3 years and has amassed over 32 million views on YouTube. We also featured the young content creator recently following the release of an animation series based on Cobra Kai.

Here are his predictions for season 6 of Cobra Kai: 

Two words. Sekai Taikai.

Cobra Kai Season 5 set up the biggest tournament in the world and I couldn’t be more excited. This world tournament will put our characters to the biggest challenge yet. I couldn’t be more excited to see all of our main characters working together to train for this tournament, including Miguel, Robby, Sam, Demetri, and Hawk.

I also think it is very possible that a lot of the ex-Cobra Kai students, including Tory, Devon, and Kenny, could join the dojo as well. Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 8, “Taikai,” showed us both Miyagi-Fang and Cobra Kai making it into the Sekai Taiki. But with Terry Silver being arrested at the end of the season and most of the Cobra Kai students seemingly leaving the dojo, the biggest question going into Season 6 is “will Cobra Kai still compete in the Sekai Taiki?”

cobra kai season 6 everything we know so far terry silver

Terry Silver in Cobra Kai season 5 – Picture: Netflix

Cobra Kai Season 5 seemed to have ended positively, but as John Kreese once said, “peace is just the lull between battles.” Terry Silver may have been arrested, but we know he is resourceful and always two steps ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a plan up his sleeve to get himself out of prison.

We also must remember that there is still another King Cobra on the loose with the name of John Kreese. There is still so much more story to tell, and I think Season 6 will absolutely blow our minds. I couldn’t be more excited about it!

WatchParty Cobra Kai Season 6 Predictions

WatchParty is more of a general coverage YouTube Channel covering many shows beyond Cobra Kai, but the show has been much of their focus in recent months.

Here’s what WatchParty is expecting for the sixth season of Cobra Kai:

Season 6 will see Kreese out of jail with one last shot to prove his philosophy works and establish his legacy. He will unite with Sensei Kim Da-Eun, who is still looking to expand her family’s legacy.

Cobra Kai may have lost its students, but it did win admission to the coveted Sekai Taikai.

Kreese and Kim will likely take the Cobra Kai dojo to other parts of the country or world. With a world tournament coming, it’s logical the karate war goes global. This would potentially allow Sensei Kim to shift back to her home dojo in South Korea. It also allows fugitive Kreese to stay a step ahead of the law.

krease in prison cobra kai season 5

Martin Kove as John Kreese in Cobra Kai. Cr. Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix © 2022

Back in the valley, a baby is coming! Since Carmen is from a devoted Catholic family, she and Johnny will likely get married before the baby arrives. (In fact, it looks like Johnny already popped the question in Season 5).

The Miyagi-Fang team-up also qualified for the Sekai Taikai. They will focus on that even before they know that Cobra Kai is still alive and looking to win.

While most teen rivalries and love drama have been resolved at West Valley High, looking to increase discipline, we could see the Alpha Elite program introduced from The Next Karate Kid. It would be a whole new challenge for everyone to face.

hilary swank in the next karate kid

The Next Karate Kid – Picture: Sony Pictures

Season 6 will likely have the largest collection of characters returning from the original movies. Chozen and Mike Barnes are heavily implied to be back; a trip to Okinawa would let Chozen confess his love to Kumiko in person; the Alpha elite could bring in Col. Dugan, and an expanding karate war could finally lead Daniel to recruit Julie Pierce.

A showdown between Sensei Kim and Julie Pierce is too good to pass up.

What are you hoping to happen in Cobra Kai season 6? Let us know in the comments down below.

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