Watership Down Netflix Season 1: What you need to know

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The biggest co-production between Netflix and the BBC is coming to Netflix this Christmas. Here’s everything you need to know about the animated new series coming including who’s been cast, who’s behind the show, its worldwide release schedule and more. 

The series first came to our attention last year when we covered all of the upcoming BBC co-productions. That list has now grown substantially but Watership Down has always been the most anticipated because of the calibre of stars involved plus the subject matter it’s covering.

Who’s behind the show?

Netflix is producing the four-part miniseries alongside the BBC. The movie is part of many co-productions between the streaming service and the British Broadcasting Company of which, many have released in 2018.

How much did the production cost?

The cost of the project is significant. The Guardian puts the budget of the mini-series at around £20 million which is the BBC’s biggest budget joint venture to date. For Netflix, however, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to some of services other big content releases.

Who’s directing the series?

Noam Murro, an Israeli director will be behind the series. The director doesn’t have many credits to his name but his most notable is 300: Rise of an Empire which released back in 2014. He was also the director for Smart People in 2008. Noam will also be an executive producer on the show.

Noam Murro directing on the set of 300: Rise of an Empire

Will the series be as brutal as the movie and novels?

Anyone who’s seen the movie and read the books will know the brutality that lies within although it’s painted a children’s title. According to Craig Parkinson who spoke with Metro, the series is lot more toned down. He says: “I don’t think it will be as terrifying but it will certainly touch a chord with people of our age.”

Who’s voicing the characters?


Cast of Watership Down (Top row: Gemma Arterton, John Boyega, Mackenzie Crook – Bottom row: James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Sir Ben Kingsley)

The miniseries will compile some of Britain’s top talent to voice the various rabbits in the series. Among the highlights are Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi), John Boyega (Star Wars), James McAvoy (X-Men), Nicholas Hoult (X-Men), Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia).

One of the big Netflix stars is Olivia Colman who will voice Strawberry and is the upcoming Queen on season 3 of The Crown.

When will Watership come to Netflix?

Most regions of Netflix will be getting the new four-part series on Christmas Day 2018 (December 25th).

The series was planned to release back in 2017 but slipped its release date due to unknown reasons.

The only region that won’t get the series added on that day will be the United Kingdom where the series will air on the BBC instead. Those in the United Kingdom will be able to stream Watership Down through the iPlayer shortly after the broadcast.

Is there a trailer?

No, sadly not. The series has had very little news released throughout the year. In fact, we’ve mostly got the same information now as we did back in November 2017 when the series was first discovered.

Is the original movie or series on Netflix?

Sadly, the original 1978 animated movie isn’t streaming on Netflix anywhere. Sometimes, Netflix picks up the older titles when they’re about to release a new one so we could see it added in November or December but I wouldn’t count on it. Likewise, the three seasons of the first TV adaptation is not available either.


Watership Down Movie 1978

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