What happened to Neo Yokio Season 2?

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Season 1 of Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio released on Netflix back in September 2017 but hasn’t yet gotten a second season announcement. Has Netflix cancelled the show and what exactly is Netflix waiting for? Here’s everything we know about season 2 of Neo Yokio.

The anime series that dropped last year received mix reviews from the offset but has since grown a fairly large fanbase and most importantly, it’s become a meme. Specifically, it introduced the world to the humble Toblerone.

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The series featured some top talent including Jaden Smith, Jude Law and Tavi Gevinson who all lent their voices to the show.


As of the time of writing, Netflix has yet to give a thumbs up to Neo Yokio. In fact, it hasn’t mentioned the show in months. The show’s official twitter account is still active which could indicate some movement behind the scenes.

We’ve trawled through the Twitter accounts of the stars and creators of the show and couldn’t find a shred of evidence regarding a second season.

The series has certainly been teased to get a second season:

The reality is that anime series often take more time than other shows due to the nature of how they’re made. It could just be the case that the show is quite a way away from releasing its second season.

Netflix has renewed several shows similar to Neo Yokio. The biggest example is Castlevania which received a second order a few months after season 1 dropped back in July 2017.

Do fans want a season 2?

Fans of Neo Yokio absolutely wants to see the return of the show. Many fans are consistently asking the shows creator Ezra Koenig on Twitter the status of season 2.

Here are a few of our favorite requests:



Over to you, what do you think? Should Netflix give Neo Yokio a second season? Let us know in the comments down below.

In the meantime, we’d recommend going to check out some of the other fantastic anime in the Netflix Original lineup.

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