What’s going on with “Buddy Thunderstruck” Season 2?

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Buddy Thunderstruck is now a year and a bit old and we still haven’t got any word about season 2. Last year, we predicted we’d see a second season in 2018 but as we’re now in July without any news, we thought we’d look for an update on the stop-motion Netflix Original comedy. 

Last March, we posted about the second season and said if it did get renewed season 2 would come to Netflix during the course of 2018. Sadly, that’s yet to come to fruition. Wikipedia has the series marked as “ended” but that’s not quite the full story.

The show saw a truck driving dog race against the best in the business. It comes from the same studio as many AdultSwim projects as well as, wait for it, “Carebears”. The first season came to Netflix on March 10th, 2017 with an additional special episode landing in July 2017 called “The Maybe Pile”.

So what is happening with Buddy Thunderstruck season 2? Unfortunately, not a lot. The creator of the show Ryan Wiesbrock responded to a fan back in June who asked whether the show had been picked up. Ryan responded with “No season 2 in the works yet.”

Ryan has been responding to fans regarding the status of season 2 since the show first released back in March 2017. At this point, its future is wholly reliant on Netflix but given the time past since season 1 released, its future really is in question at this point. Ryan has, however, seemingly switched his focus to the upcoming live-action children’s series Holly Hobbie coming to Hulu where he serves as executive producer.

With all that said, Buddy Thunderstruck certainly isn’t dead. The series was actually nominated for a couple of Emmy’s this year. It’s been nominated for the outstanding cinematography award and outstanding art direction, set direction and scenic design awards.

Are you disappointed we still haven’t had word of a season 2 of Buddy Thunderstruck? Let us know in the comments and of course, if anything changes, we’ll let you know first here at What’s on Netflix.

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