When is Season 4 of Arrow going to be on Netflix?

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At the forefront of The CW’s massive winter lineup is Arrow. The show now been running for 4 seasons is probably one of the best realisations of comic book to TV we’ve ever seen keeping to the source material nicely as well as integrating with other heroes from the library too. Although the millionaire playboy may not have the best super powers, the strong cast and excellent storyline keeps you engaged from episode to episode.

Arrow sits alongside the fall lineup with The Flash which is into its second season and we’ve predicted when you’ll see that on Netflix too.

If you’ve never had the chance to watch Arrow yet then you definitely should. The show based upon the DC comic of the same name is all about how one playboy millionaire spends his nights using his exceptional agility and skills with a bow and arrow to rid the city of evil. He does this alongside his partners that often come in unlikely forms.

He also regularly meets up with other heroes in the franchise such as The Flash. It’s a deep and webbed show that goes far beyond just the episodes you see here. The more you watch and discover, the more engrossing the show is.

So let’s get to what you’re here for, when exactly is The Flash season 4 coming to Netflix US? Well to find out we have to look to previous years. In the past, The CW has almost always debutted or updated their content library in October of every year. So with that said, we predict that you’ll be getting the latest season of Arrow arriving on Netflix sometime in October 2016.

This year it does come with a big if however.  Speculation has been rampant over the past year about a possible pull of all CW content from Netflix in favor of it getting its own streaming platform to premiere its shows on.

That along with rumors of Time Warner CEO expressing interest in delaying all DC Comics content from being accessed on streaming content to strengthen DVD sales. If any of this news becomes true, then we could be looking at a delayed release date of Arrow onto Netflix or worse still, having it pulled all together. Of course, if anything changes, we’ll let you know.

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