When is Season 4 of The Blacklist on Netflix?

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Looking for season 4 of The Blacklist on Netflix? Now’s your chance to learn the official release date for one of NBC’s biggest shows and one of Netflix’s most expensive purchases in the last few years. 

The Blacklist is heading into its fourth season strong which started on NBC on September 15th, 2016. Going from strength to strength, mostly in part to James Spader’s continued masterful reprisal as Raymond Reddington with Megan Boone being his sidekick as Elizabeth Keen.

The series is all about how one big time criminal gave himself up looking for a shortened if not minimal sentence in exchange for some of the other biggest and worst criminals in the system. Four seasons later, we’ve seen some pretty intense encounters but somehow, we’re still going.

Netflix famously bought exclusive streaming rights for the show after the first season for a reported  1 million dollars an episode which is staggering. This deal wasn’t given a timeline as to when it’s lapsing so one can assume that it still remains to this day.

Netflix US Release Date

A lot of shows on Netflix that are third party titles from other networks such as NBC work in yearly cycles. In the case of some providers, like The CW, we see new stuff added soon after the seasons finale but with NBC and the deal they laid out regarding The Blacklist, it’s likely we’ll see new seasons simply added in yearly cycles.

Season 3 was added to Netflix in September 2016 and season 2 was added in September 2015. All fingers then point to The Blacklist Season 4 being added to Netflix in September 2017 but as we mentioned above, any lapse or change in contract could bring it even sooner or see the series removed from Netflix entirely as we’ve seen with several NBC shows in 2016 including Chuck and Heroes.

Around the World Release Date

For those relying on the Netflix DVD service, you can expect the box set to drop sometime in August 2017 as it has for the past two years. For any other region that carries The Blacklist including the likes of India, most European countries (excluding UK & Ireland) and Asia, you’ll see the next season added sometime in October 2017.

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