‘Charmed’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in May 2020

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Charmed – Picture: The CW

Charmed returned for its second full season on The CW in 2019/20. The first season of the reboot came to Netflix soon after the season finale, so will season 2 of Charmed be on Netflix in a similar fashion? Let’s find out. 

The teen drama is a reboot of the Charmed series that started in 1998. It’s about three witches learning their powers and blending in with us normal people. Critics poorly received the first season of Charmed, but has quickly grown an audience of dedicated fans.

The first season of Charmed came to Netflix as part of the overall output deal Netflix had with The CW (more on that in a second) and arrived on May 27th, 2019.

When will Charmed season 2 be back on The CW?

Before the show comes to Netflix, it’ll air in its entirety on The CW. The show has kept its fall premiere schedule, with the new season due to begin on The CW on October 11th.

With the show likely carrying its 22-episode season again, it’ll probably bring us up to the end of May 2020 before the season wraps up.

When will Season 2 of Charmed be on Netflix US?

Despite Netflix’s output deal with The CW now concluding, any previous show will still continue to get updates on Netflix.

That applies to Charmed season 2, and in April 2020, we got confirmation as to when the second season will be on Netflix.

Charmed season 2 is set to hit Netflix on May 9th, 2020. 

Will the Charmed reboot be on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Probably not. The show was shopped in the United Kingdom and recently sold to E4, who will carry the show exclusively.

Will Charmed be on Netflix in other regions?

Both the OG Charmed and the reboot remain only available on Netflix in the US. We’ve heard no whispers of Netflix carrying either show in other regions.

Are you looking forward to Charmed season 2 coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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