When will Disjointed Part 3 be on Netflix?

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Will Chuck Lorre’s sitcom be back for a full second season on Netflix? Only 20 episodes were ordered for season 1 split up into two parts. Now it’s time to look ahead at whether there’ll be parts 3 and 4 under the banner of season 2. 

Industry veteran Kathy Bates stars in the Chuck Lorre sitcom comedy where Kathy plays Ruth, an activist who runs a medical marijuana dispensary. Much like other sitcoms from Chuck Lorre, Disjointed has been panned by critics but fans seem to endure.

The series was ordered with 20 episodes and those were then split up into two parts. Part 1 arrived on Netflix on August 25th, 2017 and part 2 landed on January 12th, 2018.

The series is instantly compared to The Ranch, another Netflix original sitcom which also faced criticism thanks to its laugh track. It also shares a similar release pattern which will help us figure out the season 2 release schedule for Disjointed part 3.

Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed

The full second season has yet to be renewed by Netflix. Although the show follows the exact pattern of The Ranch, it’s hard to say it’s garnered the same fanbase as The Ranch has. Having said that, compared to other Netflix shows like The Crown, Disjointed will be a much cheaper operation to run and produce episodes for. At the moment, we put Disjointed’s chances at getting a full new season at around 50/50.

Although Kathy Bates does have a few credits to her name in movies next year, there’s nothing indicating any projects that’ll take up Kathy’s time preventing her creating Disjointed. She recently came off

We can expect a renewal confirmation within the next few months.

When will Part 3 be on Netflix?

Assuming we get confirmation of a second season in a timely manner, we’re expecting more episodes of the show to be available by the time 2018 is out. The different parts were split up into six-month intervals which we expect it to continue doing into season 2. That means you can expect part 3 in summer 2018 with August being the most likely month and part 4 in January 2019.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend watching The Ranch if you haven’t done so already. That series was recently renewed for its third season with more parts on the way.

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