When will Part 2 of ‘Family Reunion’ be on Netflix?

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Family Reunion Part 1 now on Netflix – Picture: Netflix

Netflix has been very hit and miss with their sitcoms, with many struggling to get past their first and second seasons. Their latest sitcom to arrive Family Reunion will hopefully fare better than those that came before. The series follows a recent trend with full seasons getting split up into two parts, so when will part 2 of Family Reunion be on Netflix? Let’s take a look.

Family Reunion is an American Netflix Original sitcom series created and written by Meg DeLoatch. The series is the 44th Original comedy series created by Netflix (not including regional exclusives). The series was filmed in front of a live studio audience and uses the Multi-Camera setup. Mega Diva is the production studio behind the completion of the series.

The McKellan family moves from Seattle all the way back to Georgia so they can be closer to their extended family. With three-hour church services and humidity hair, the McKellan’s truly are fish out of water but it’s nothing some of M’Dear’s home cooking can’t solve. As the McKellan’s get used to their extended family in the American south there’s a lot to learn about the Georgian way of life.

When will Part 2 of Family Reunion be on Netflix?

At the time of writing, there’s no official confirmation on the release date for part 2 of Family Reunion. We are expecting the second half of the first season arrive later this year.

Other sitcoms on Netflix that has followed this format are The Ranch and No Good Nick.

What’s going to happen in Part 2 of Family Reunion?

Finale Recap

The final episode of part 1 saw the McKellan family having a tense encounter with the police, setting up the story for the next part.

Coming home from cutting their neighbor’s grass with Elvis, both Mazzi and Shaka were locked out of M’Dear’s home. While Looking for her spare key, two police officers mistook the three children for criminals, and with their guns drawn, it looked like the children were about to be arrested.

It wasn’t until Moz and Cocoa got home before the officers released the children. Angered by the encounter the McKellan’s reported the two officers but not before educating Shaka and Mazzi on why some Police Officers are racist towards black people.

Later in the episode, Moz and Cocoa went out for games with their friends and on the drive home were stopped by the police. Revealed to be one of the same officers that had scared the children, he was angry with the McKellan’s for the report they filed against him, leaving him with two days unpaid. He lets Moz off but leaves a thinly veiled threat suggesting their next encounter he’ll find some way to arrest Moz.

Tired of feeling unsafe because of the Police, Cocoa reveals she wants to move back to Seattle where she believes the McKellan’s will be safe.

Part 2

It’s not very surprising that Cocoa would want to move back to Seattle after the encounter with the police officer. Whether or not the family moves is unclear as M’Dear will certainly give the officers hell for harassing her family.

At most, we may see the family in a hotel on the way or in Seattle but it’s doubtful they will be moving back there for good. The officer will receive his dues it’s just a matter of when. Hopefully, this will be cleared up in the first couple of episodes, if not this could be the story arc for the entirety of part 2, setting up the police officer as the antagonist for the remainder of the season.

On a lighter note, Jade now wants to date Kurt after Drew cancels their date. But her friend Kelly also has a crush on the boy so both girls will be out to win the affections of Kurt for themselves.

What did subscribers think of Family Reunion?

The reviews from critics haven’t been particularly positive.

Some subscribers have taken to Twitter to express their issue with the casting of the series. At the time of writing only 9 people have rated the series on IMDb so as an audience score it doesn’t yet reflect how most subscribers feel about the series.

There are some subscribers that have expressed their love for the series online too:

Will Family Reunion receive a second season?

There’s no news on whether the series will be continuing after the first season. Renewal is entirely dependant on how many subscribers tune in to watch the series. One factor to consider is with the end of The Ranch, Fuller House and the cancelation of One Day at a Time, Netflix needs a sitcom to take the helm as the ‘go-to’ comedy series on the Network.

Another issue Netflix is facing is Friends leaving the streaming service at the beginning of 2020 and The Office leaving in 2021. Both shows bring in a huge amount of subscribers to Netflix and without them, we could potentially see a drop in subscriptions.

One positive outlook is Netflix will free up a huge amount of money after Friends and The Office have left. Friends alone cost Netflix $100 Million a year to license in the US alone. With such a huge sum of money freed from licensing, this could go towards plenty of new Original content.

Are you looking forward to Part 2 of Family Reunion? Let us know in the comments below!

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