When will Season 2 of Scream be on Netflix?

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Movie to TV adapations are becoming quite a regular occurance and while not every show nails the transition, Scream is among the few that really fits the serialised format but the big question mark was whether MTV could deliver, thankfully most fans agree that they’ve done the job well.

The legacy left behind the Scream movies is still fairly significant with the plot twists and tension now staples in the horror genre that other movies meets. The first movie was the best but also managed to get several sequels. MTV was/is desperate for a few hit shows to be under their belt given they’ve kind of lost their identity over the past decade and for some, ever further. It’s network has been turned into a reality TV hive but has taken steps to appeal to a different audience, Scream is the pioneer in this effort.

The TV series

With most Netflix regions now being the recipients of Scream on an annual basis it’s time to delve in and predict as to when and if season 2 of Scream will be heading to Netflix.

The schedule of the show has change ever so slightly with the series being pulled forward a month airing in May instead of June like it did last year. It’s expected to have another 10 episodes in the new season much like the first.

Let’s start with the US. Season 1 of the show was added to Netflix in May 2016 and given how all of the MTV shows are renewed on an annual basis, we expect you’ll see the brand new season streaming on Netflix in May 2017. If the release date for season 3 (assuming it gets renewed) is bought forward, we expect you’ll be seeing it on Netflix even earlier.

For those in the United Kingdom you’ve got a better deal as you can start streaming season 2 right now. The series was announced to be as part of the Netflix Original library in the UK and will be getting new episodes added every week for the majority of the season.

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