When will Sharknado 6 be on Netflix?

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Sharknado has been a regular Netflix staple for the past few years but the release of the sixth Sharknado movie on Netflix looks unlikely as the entire collection is scheduled for removal. Here’s a look at the sixth movie and where it may end up streaming instead.

If you’re a fan of Syfy content then you’re probably all in on their movies. Perhaps there’s no greater set of Syfy movies than Sharknado. They throw an absurd concept with a strange group of actors to battle it out against Sharks and an assortment of other fun things.

Although absolutely crazy, the show has a massive following which is probably why it managed to get six films under its belt before the creators calling it a day.

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Sharknado 6 or otherwise known as The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time wraps up the movie franchise and released last year.

Traditionally, we would have expected Sharknado 6 to arrive on Netflix in January. The sad news is that we’re no longer expecting Sharknado 6 to come to Netflix.

Instead, all of the previous five movies are, in fact, scheduled to leave Netflix in January 2019.

Does this mean Syfy is leaving Netflix?

Absolutely not. Instead, Netflix has to renew movies on an annual basis. New Syfy titles are coming all the time. On Christmas Eve 2018, Netflix got the latest season of The Magicians and in January, it’ll be getting the fifth and final season of Z Nation.

Some recent news for the franchise wasn’t too great either. Tara Reid, one of the stars of the show is reportedly suing Syfy. It’s unlikely that this has anything to do with the movies being on Netflix.

No new streaming home has been announced but it’s likely the movies will all be bundled together including the final movie too. We’ll update this article once we know where the movies plus the new one is streaming.

Are you sad Sharnado 6 won’t be coming to Netflix and the fact that the Sharknado movies are leaving? Let us know in the comments.

When will Sharknado 6 be on Netflix?

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