Why ‘Crash Landing on You’ Won’t be Returning for a Season 2

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After an incredible season of television, Crash Landing on You has become the second-highest-rated cable drama in South Korean history. Naturally, many fans are clamoring to learn whether or not the K-Drama will return for a second season. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely Crash Landing on You will be returning for a second season and here’s why.

Crash Landing on You is a South Korean drama series created by the drama production Studio Dragon and written by Park Ji-Eun. The series saw The Negotiation cast members, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin reunite, meanwhile all sixteen episodes were directed by Romance is a Bonus Books’ Lee Jung-Hyo.

tvN can proudly boast seven of the top ten highest-rated cable dramas in South Korea, with Crash Landing on You sitting at the top of tvN and second highest in the country overall. It is only the second time that a cable television series has exceeded 20% of the nationwide audience.


Has Crash Landing on You been renewed for a second season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 19/02/2020)

At the time of writing Netflix and the South Korean television network tvN have yet to announce the future of Crash Landing on You. It’s to our understanding that a second season won’t be happening any time soon.

Very few shows in South Korea receive multiple seasons, with many shows written to only last one season.  There are some exceptions, such as Chief of Staff and Voice, but amongst the highest-rated cable dramas, sequel seasons are severely lacking. You can consider tvN’s Reply franchise, but that works more like an anthology, with each respective season taking place in a different year with different cast members.

There’s no denying the popularity of Crash Landing on You, and as the second-highest cable drama in South Korean history there will be plenty of conversations about its future.

Does Crash Landing on You require a second season?

That entirely depends on who you ask. For many fans, they would just be happy to see their favorite characters return again, whereas others are happy with how the series concluded.

The climax of the season ends with Jeong-hyuk and Se-ri reuniting in Switzerland, spending 2 weeks together on vacation. With the political tension between both nations, the star crossed lovers are unable to have a traditional relationship. It’s a bittersweet ending for the pair, but of least they are able to spend two weeks together at least once a year in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

As for the remaining characters, all of their respective stories have wrapped up nicely. Dan, despite finding love only for it to be cruelly taken away from her, has chosen to dedicate her life to music and playing the piano. The loveable four soldiers who fell in love with South Korean life, however, were on the hunt for some beauty products.

If a second season was to happen, the crux of the story would be the long-distance relationship between Jeong-hyuk and Se-ri. Naturally, the story would somehow have to end with the pair reuniting fully, and actually able to live together, get married and everything else that comes with being in love. As to how that happens is entirely up to the writing team!

What do the fans want for the future of Crash Landing on You?

Even before the finale aired, some fans declared they would rather have seen a happy ending over a second season:

In two minds, but happy with how the story concluded.

Then again there is a large number of likes for this tweet, asking fans who would like to see a second season:

Overall, many fans are happy with the outcome of Crash Landing on You.

In our opinion, it would be a shame to see an incredible drama end with an unnecessary second season.

Would you like to see Crash Landing on You return for a second season? Let us know in the comments below!

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