Why Netflix Needs To Brand Its Netflix Originals Differently

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As the Netflix Original library becomes an increasingly big part of the Netflix overall lineup, we believe that it’s time Netflix started branding its Netflix Originals. Below, we’ll hopefully make the case as to why it should happen and possibly how to do it.

We’re writing this in the wake of a huge influx of new streaming services that are operated by big corporations that have multiple labels. We’re also doing it a week after FX on Hulu launches.

So what’s the problem?

Netflix Originals come in all shapes and sizes at the moment although most fit into four different top-level categories.

The issue with this is probably an issue you’ve seen online. “All Netflix Originals are crap” or “all Netflix originals are foreign”.

When you think of HBO (one of Warner Medias brands) you know roughly what you’re in for. Top budget series with quality. If you think of Cartoon Network, you know what you’re in for. Likewise, if you mention The CW, you know it’s going to be a lower budget than Warner’s HBO output.

The trouble with lumping all of Netflix’s now 1,500 title strong Netflix Original library is that the water gets really murky and while the generalizations as we mentioned above are not true, it certainly opens up broad paintbrush remarks.

It also hurts when Netflix Originals leave Netflix. We’ve seen the likes of Happy Valley and a myriad of titles that carry the Netflix banner leave. It’s super confusing.

It also hurts when advertising new shows in terms of roughly knowing what to expect. The I-Land is often referred to when naming a crap show but is it comparable to Stranger Things? No, absolutely not, but it’s a Netflix Original and therefore gets lumped in.

How should Netflix brand its Originals?

How exactly would it work? Much the same way browsing Netflix does now although instead of having everything showing up with an N logo, it has different branded Originals as selectable categories.

Disney+ can be found with this with their studios. When you open the app, you can quickly define whether you want Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic.

In the future, with Netflix developing franchises they could have individual sections for Millarworld, its Nickelodeon titles, Chronicles of Narnia akin to Disney+.

Disney+ branded tabs

For everything else, Netflix actually already has made a good start branding its Originals via its various Twitter profiles and that could be used as a starting point.

Stand-up specials are specifically promoted via the “Netflix Is A Joke” label. NX on Netflix promotes sci-fi and anime and their logo could be slapped onto anime and sci-fi projects.

Netflix has somewhat already implemented branding already by separating Children’s content when you’re selecting which profile to choose from.

Imported titles like Happy Valley and River we mentioned earlier could be named along lines of Netflix Imports. It sets up a level of expectation which we believe is sorely missing at the moment.

What do you think? Should Netflix stick to its current naming convention or move to a branded system to help better define its library.

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