Why ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Won’t Return for Season 5 at Netflix

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Roswell, New Mexico – Picture: The CW

Roswell, New Mexico season 4 is now on Netflix, and that sadly represents the last batch of episodes to make its way onto the streamer. The reason is that the show, which airs first on The CW, has sadly been canceled and won’t return for season 5.

The series only came to Netflix as part of The CW’s output deal in the United States. As a result, only the United States carries Roswell, New Mexico, and like In The Dark, the series remains mostly unsold in international regions.

Having aired throughout 2022, the fourth and final season hit Netflix US in September 2022. That means all 52 episodes are now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Speaking to Variety about the cancelation, showrunner Chris Hollier told them that they had planned for at least one more season, saying:

“I loosely had to pitch [the network] and had to get them to sign off on letting me [have Max] go away. And they’re like, ‘Well, when does he come back?’ was the next question. They’re our first audience. So yes, there was a plan actually, of how to round it out assuming that the fifth season would be our last. We had some time jumps built in to actually tell stories we’ve collapsed down into weeks. We wanted to actually stretch out and jump to three different times over the next couple of years for all of our characters.

I’m very fortunate for the time we had, but you always feel like we had one more bullet in the chamber.”

If you’re afraid to jump into Roswell, New Mexico, because it’s unfinished, the showrunner said, “We left it open with a hopeful feeling that lets people’s imaginations fill in what happened next when he returned.”

Why did The CW cancel Roswell, New Mexico? Could Netflix save it?

As you may have heard, The CW was sold from its current owners (Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery) to Nextar who has radically shifted the network’s programming. As a result, many shows from the network will be given final seasons or taken off the air entirely.

Sadly, Roswell, New Mexico, was among the shows canceled.

While Netflix has done revivals in the past, given the show’s performance in the top 10s and the fact that Netflix doesn’t have global data, it seems very unlikely they’ve even considered reviving the title.

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Picture: The CW

When will Roswell, New Mexico leave Netflix?

With the show now concluded, its time on Netflix will eventually come to an end but it won’t be for some time.

Our current intel suggests that Roswell, New Mexico, will stay on Netflix until 2027. We’ve seen titles leave exactly five years following their final season addition in previous years. If that’s the case, we’ll see the series depart in full on September 13th, 2027.

However, intel suggests that this show will leave on December 10th, 2027.

Obviously, this is quite some time away, and we’ll provide updates as we get closer to the date.

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