Category Codes to Find Netflix’s Hidden Halloween Movies and Series

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netflix halloween category codes 2022

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Looking for horror movies and series on Netflix? While there are plenty of top lists, you may be looking for Netflix’s full library of Halloween titles for the holiday season. Here’s how you can search through Netflix’s entire collection in 2022.

Before we dive into the full list of Halloween category codes, you may need a quick lesson on how exactly they work.

As you may know, Netflix mostly relies on its algorithm to recommend what to watch. With that said, Netflix has a slew of categories it assigns to titles. There are thousands of these category codes, as we cover in our main article on category codes on Netflix.

How to use Netflix’s category codes depends on what device you’re on.

If you’re on a simple desktop computer, you can click the links below, which will take you directly to the pages. On mobile or TV devices, you’ll need to type in the number seen next to each category below.

Full List of Halloween Netflix Category Codes

Stream and Screams

In 2022, Netflix launched a brand new hub page for Halloween 2022 called Stream and Screams. Its category code is 81612176, or you can access it at

Per Netflix, here’s what you can expect from the category:

“Deadly dangers, spooky strangers and more: A spine-tingling collection made for sharing — and scaring.”

streams and screams netflix category

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Top Level Horror / Halloween Category Codes

We’ll begin with some of the best codes to get you up and running. There are a few curated lists here from Netflix that gives a fairly broad list of titles covering multiple genres but all fitting within the Halloween vibe.

Other Halloween Netflix Category Codes

There you have it – we hope that allows you to find your next Halloween watch on Netflix – let us know if we’ve missed any major Netflix categories in the comments below.

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