Why ‘The Outsider’ Won’t be Coming to Netflix

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HBO has a rich history of great crime dramas, such as The Sopranos, The Wire and True Detective. The latest crime drama in their growing library, The Outsider, has caused quite a stir online and is one of the hottest shows of 2020 so far. The growing buzz around the series has lead to some questioning whether or not The Outsider will be coming to Netflix, sadly this isn’t the case but we’re here to tell you why The Outsider isn’t coming to Netflix and where you will be able to stream it elsewhere.

The Outsider is a horror crime-drama series based on the novel of the same name by author Stephen King. Richard Price, the writer on the popular HBO series The Wire, is the showrunner of The Outsider, meanwhile, Jason Bateman, is one of six acknowledged executive producers and also plays the lead role in the series.

In Cherokee City, Georgia, the grisly murder of a young boy leads to the arrest of little league coach and suburban parent Terry Maitland. The investigation isn’t as straightforward as what it once seemed, and it’s up to an unorthodox investigator and seasoned cop to question everything they believe in if they are to solve the case.

Why isn’t The Outsider coming to Netflix US?

The easiest and most obvious answer is the fact that The Outsider is an HBO series, which means it won’t be coming to Netflix anytime soon.

Episodes of The Outsider have been available to stream on HBO Now, and once all ten episodes have been broadcast the series will continue to be available to stream on HBO Now. It’s still unclear what the plans are for HBO Now when HBO Max is launched. According to Fast Company, there are no plans to drop HBO Now or to merge the two respective services.

One thing is clear, The Outsider will be available on HBO in one capacity or another, but will not be coming to Netflix.

Why isn’t The Outsider coming to Netflix Internationally?

In the United Kingdom, Sky recently renewed its output deal with HBO, continuing its long fruitful relationship with the WarnerMedia company. Episodes of The Outsider have been available to stream on-demand for Sky customers. Subscribers of Now TV also have access to The Outsider and can stream the series on the service.

In Canada, episodes of The Outsider are available to stream on Crave, which was formerly HBO Canada.

Like other HBO titles, The Outsider is also available to stream on Foxtel.

As for other regions around the world, HBO has an output deal with Sky in countries that carry the telecommunications company, such as Italy and Germany. HBO Max will be coming to Europe in the near future when it is rolled out in 2021.

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