Why you should be looking forward to “Daredevil” coming to Netflix

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In case you’ve missed it Netflix has signed with Marvel a deal which will bring three of the comic book heroes you grew up with to life in a series format rather than the traditional movie setting. Channels like the CW have had exceptional success bring DC comics to life and with the backing of Netflix we honestly think that Daredevil and the subsequent series could be a real pull for the service with all ages. In this post we’re going to be going through everything we know about the series and what you can expect and ultimately get you pumped up for the release.

The Story

Each of the Marvel series that Netflix will create are all origins stories. Similar to how the CW did the opening series to both Arrow and more recently, the Flash. Daredevil tells the story of a man blinded by toxic waste in an accident enables himself to gain extraordinary powers which heightens his other senses. With that, he uses his powers to fight crime.

The Release

So the first thing we know definitively is that it’ll be releasing all episodes onto Netflix on April 10th 2015. This means that the release is closer than you think with it being just over a month away at the time of writing. In true Netflix style we believe all the episodes will be released in one go which means that the hardcore among you can watch in one single sitting. As it’s a true Netflix Original it’ll also be distributed worldwide in every region. Episodes are expect to be 60 minutes.

Daredevil Netflix Cast

The Cast

Thankfully the cast doesn’t include Ben Affleck but it’s got a reasonable cast with some known and unknown actors playing the roles. Playing the lead role is Charlie Cox. With roles in mainly movies this will be his first big jump into the TV world after starring in Stardust, Hello Carter and of course, the oscar winning The Theory of Everything from earlier this year. The role of Karen Page went to Deborah Ann Woll who you’ll recognise from HBO’s True Blood which aired its final season recently. Also in the lineup is Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio.

The Long Term

From the very beginning with brand new partnership we knew we’d be seeing all of these new Marvel series linking with one another. Once the other two series have aired we then believe there’s going to be another series called The Defenders where it’ll combine all three heroes together kind of like the Avengers did. Given Marvel’s commitment to its other super hero entities we expect that this is the start of an excellent partnership which will have new content hopefully every six months meaning there will always be some new content to sink your teeth into.

So there you have it. Just a few reasons why you should binge watch through Daredevil the second it lands onto Netflix. We can’t wait to see how it develops.

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