Will ‘1883’ Be Coming to Netflix?

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will 1883 be coming to netflix

1883 – Picture: Paramount+

Taylor Sheridan is back with another Western drama series that is blowing up but will Netflix anywhere be receiving the new 1883 series? In the United States, it’s impossible and internationally it seems highly unlikely.

As you may know, 1883 serves as the prequel series to the insanely popular Yellowstone series (not available on Netflix anywhere). Taylor Sheridan is behind the prequel with Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Isabel May, LaMonica Garret, and Marc Rissmann starring.

The series fleshes out the family of the Duttons and how they eventually came to own the ranch that features prominently in the mothership Yellowstone series.

It’s not the only spin-off planned for Yellowstone either. A new series called 6666 is expected to get a full-season order at Paramount Network too.

Why 1883 won’t be on Netflix in the United States

While the streaming rights for Yellowstone are somewhat complicated, things are far more clear-cut for 1883.

For Yellowstone, the series airs on Paramount Network and perhaps by mistake, was licensed out to NBC Universal’s Peacock.

For 1883, there will be no licensing to Peacock or Netflix instead the series is one of the flagship series on Paramount+. As a result, the series will only be available on Paramount+ and while it may come to VOD services eventually, we can rule it out coming to Netflix.

Will 1883 be on Netflix internationally?

ViacomCBS still opts to license some titles to Netflix internationally although that is becoming rare these days.

Just recently we saw ViacomCBS go to great lengths to stop one of its other flagship shows for Paramount+ from being available on Netflix internationally. We’re referring to Star Trek: Discovery which was bought back with all previous seasons removed.

We can almost guarantee that the show will either be held back for the international rollout of Paramount+ (it’ll be called something else in some regions) or sold to just broadcast networks in the meantime.

We’ve heard of no intention to license 1883 so you’ll have to seek out alternative methods.

Despite shows like 1883 and Yellowstone performing well and being incredibly popular, we haven’t seen Netflix invest heavily in the genre at least on the TV side. On the movie side Netflix released two big Westerns in 2021 including The Harder They Fall and The Power of the Dog.

We’d recommend giving Longmire a watch on Netflix if you haven’t already (which sadly ended and is not coming back despite some reports) and we’d also recommend giving The Ranch a watch. The series is in a different genre but does feature the fantastic Sam Elliot. Frontier starring Jason Mamoa is also a solid shout.

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