Will K-Drama Series ‘My Holo Love’ be Returning for a Second Season?

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Will My Holo Love Return For A Second Season

My Holo Love is now available to stream exclusively on Netflix

One of the latest K-dramas to arrive on Netflix this year is the popular sci-fi series My Holo Love. After an excellent season, fans are already demanding to see more of the series on Netflix in the future. Sadly, as a limited series, it’s hard to say whether or not My Holo Love will be returning for more seasons.So will My Holo Love be returning for season 2? Let’s find out.

My Holo Love is a Netflix Original K-Drama series produced by Studio Dragon. The series, written by a trio of writers was directed by Lee Sang Yeob (The Peak) and Yoon Jong Ho (Drama Stage Season 3: Ogre). Starring former baseball player Yoon Hyun Min and popular actress Go Sung Hee, there was already plenty of anticipation from K-drama fans going into My Holo Love. We can gladly say it didn’t fail to disappoint.

Has Netflix renewed My Holo Love for season 2?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Miniseries/Ended (Last Updated 13/02/2020)

Fans of My Holo Love who were hoping to see a second season will sadly be disappointed. The series hasn’t been ended due to lack of viewership or quality but simply the series was never intended to go beyond one season. As a miniseries, there was ever only going to be one season.

What would entice the two companies to produce more of My Holo Love is if the k-drama has an incredible number of subscribers tuning in to watch the series. If Netflix and Studio Dragon sees value in a second season there’s every chance we could see a return in the future.

Understandably some fans may feel like the show should go beyond one season, but at this point that is entirely up to Studio Dragon and Netflix.

How did subscribers take to My Holo Love?

The reaction online has been extremely positive:

Naturally, some fans have taken to social media to express their desire for a second season:

Does My Holo Love need a second season?

This is entirely subjective depending on what you thought of how the story wrapped up.

A second season could easily explore the relationship and marriage between So-Yeon and Nan-do, and their new high-tech business HelloGlass. The technology the couple has developed, HelloGlass, turns facial expressions into a holographic image.

Any antagonists for a second season could potentially see a rival company face off against HelloGlass, or potentially a new tech genius could arise and seek to take down everything Nan-do and So-Yeon have built. Not to mention there’s the matter of the dark web files that Nam-Gyu uploaded, and whether or not Nan-do was successful in his attempt to scatter them all.

There’s plenty of story threads to be weaved if Studio Dragon chooses to pursue a second season of My Holo Love.

When would a second season come to Netflix?

Assuming that a second season does happen, we don’t expect an overly long wait.

If Studio Dragon chooses to do another twelve episodes for a second season, it’s likely we’d see it arrive in either Q1 or Q2 of 2021.

Would you have liked to of seen a second season of My Holo Love? Let us know in the comments below!

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