Will ‘Pennyworth’ Season 1 be Coming to Netflix?

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DC’s Pennyworth has just begun its first season run on Epix but could the series be coming to Netflix in the US or abroad? Here’s the current streaming status of Pennyworth. 

If you’re not familiar with Epix, that may be because you’re outside of the United States. It’s a premium cable channel that’s mostly known for their movies. It’s also had a hand in creating its own original titles with Perpetual Grace LTD and Deep State being two of the most well known.

Pennyworth comes from DC who seem to license their content to the highest bidder. Its TV content can be found on The CW with its Arrowverse, Fox with Gotham, Netflix with The Sandman, DC Universe with Titans and Watchmen with HBO.

Pennyworth is the prequel series for Gotham and Batman and tells the story of Alfred Pennyworth’s origin who is Batman’s butler.


Some regions have licensed some Epix Originals. Berlin Station resides on Netflix in Germany and Switzerland but beyond that, no other Epix Original series is on Netflix. Important to note there’s not all that many anyway.

Will Pennyworth be coming to Netflix US?

Although the series is dubbed as an Epix Original, it’s still owned and distributed by Warner Brothers Television. Without knowledge of the contract, we can only speculate on the circumstances of the show.

Epix is well taken care of when it comes to its streaming platform so it’s likely the show will reside there indefinitely. If the rights do ever come up for grabs it’s likely the new HBO Max service will be the default.

Will Pennyworth be on Netflix UK?

This one we can definitely say won’t be coming to Netflix, at least not anytime soon. In early July, it was announced that Starz and its StarzPlay platform will be carrying the show. StarzPlay is a channel that can be accessed with a separate subscription via Amazon or Apple TV.

What about other regions?

We’re yet to hear any region of Netflix expecting or currently carrying Pennyworth.

We’ll update this post once we know more but for the meantime, it looks like you’ll have to source other ways of watching Pennyworth.


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