‘Pretty Little Liars’ Removed from Netflix US for HBO Max

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Pretty Little Liars – Warner Brothers

Pretty Little Liars has departed Netflix for its eventual new home of HBO Max in 2020. Netflix gave advanced warning of the removal and here’s what you need to know. 

The series which ran from 2010 to 2017 sees the story of a group of four friends banding together to go up against an anonymous foe who threatens their lifestyles with the revealing of a secret.

The removal of Pretty Little Liars will mean that the Freeform library on Netflix continues to dwindle. With the removal of Switched at Birth, it’ll leave just Switched at Birth, The Fosters and Young & Hungry on Netflix. These series will likely expire to within the next year or so.

The news comes well before we’d have seen the series expiration date shows naturally on Netflix which is typically 30 days before the removal date. July is already set to be a big month of removals with multiple Disney titles also set to leave.

Netflix has now been streaming all seven seasons for just over two years. The removal date for Pretty Little Liars on Netflix was June 27th, 2019.

It’s not likely going to be the only removal for HBO Max. We’re currently predicting Gossip Girl and others will be up for removal.

Where will Pretty Little Liars stream next?

Most expected the series to end up on Hulu or Disney+ given Freeforms involvement. In recent days, however, we now know that the series is lined up for the HBO Max platform.

The logo for the show can be seen at 0:27 into the video. There’s going to be good six to seven months of having no home for the show as HBO Max is not due to release until later in 2020.

Does this mean Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists won’t be coming to Netflix?

Sadly, yes. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists will not likely now come to Netflix in the United States but that doesn’t mean that other regions will miss out. We did originally say that Netflix would likely have the chance to bid on the show and would have the numbers from the main series to see if it’s worth their time.

Netflix does still pick up some shows from Freeform abroad but nothing has been announced yet regarding The Perfectionists.

Will other regions see Pretty Little Liars removed?

Only the US has been confirmed to have PLL removed so far. Those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and countless more will also likely see it removed but nothing confirmed as of yet.

Update (06/17/2019): Netflix UK has confirmed Pretty Little Liars is not leaving for a while saying: “just a quick note to say PLL isn’t going anywhere in the UK/IE anytime soon” 

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