Will ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 1 be on Netflix?

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star trek lower decks on netflix

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Picture: CBS

Hoping to jump on the insane popularity of the likes of Rick & Morty, CBS has greenlit an animated show based on Star Trek that began streaming on CBS All Access recently. Will Star Trek: Lower Decks ever come to Netflix around the world? Let’s take a look. 

Set in the Star Trek universe, the series takes a look behind the scenes of a Starfleet ship called the U.S.S. Cerritos and the crew that works below the brig.

The series has not released without its fair share of controversy, however. As with the other two new Star Trek shows, fans have expressed their frustration with the show targeting younger audiences and Lower Decks absolutely fits the accusation here.

Let’s now take a look at the streaming rights for Star: Trek Lower Decks and whether Netflix is on the agenda.

Will Star Trek: Lower Decks be on Netflix in the United States?

Categorically no. Star Trek: Lower Decks will not be on Netflix in the US.

The series is being shipped to CBS All Access where it sits alongside the other two Star Trek shows (Picard and Discovery) that are 100% exclusive to the streaming service.

If you gave an audible groan to that, we don’t blame you. The US has become more and more fragmented by the good news on the horizon is that CBS is planning to relaunch that will hopefully have enough content to justify you shelling out more money.

The only hope for those in the United States is that a DVD gets released which is rentable via Netflix DVD.

Netflix US does still hold some of the older Star Trek series but they are expected to leave over time just like what happened to the first Star Trek animated series last December.

Will Star Trek: Lower Decks be on Netflix Internationally?

This still remains unclear as of August 2020.

As many will know, the two international rights for Picard and Discovery were split with the former going to Amazon Prime Video and the latter to Netflix.

No future home has been announced for Lower Decks just yet with The Cinema Spot reporting that the international rights won’t be determined for some time and have been stalled due to the aforementioned CBS All Access Rebrand.

Therefore, don’t expect Lower Decks to stream on Netflix anytime soon but on the other hand, don’t rule it out either.

For alternatives outside the United States, you most likely have access to Rick & Morty that shares many aspects of the series

We’ll keep this post updated over time as and when we learn of new information.

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