Will Stephen King’s It (2017) Come to Netflix?

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Tis the season to be a Stephen King fan as there have been countless adaptations of his best-known works in 2017. Netflix themselves have gotten in on the action too with two of their own movies releasing in the last two months. But what we really want to know whether the smash hit ‘It’ will release on Netflix. Let’s take a look.

The 1986 novel has been among many fans favorite of the many books produced by Stephen King. It had already had a movie and a miniseries released but Warner Brothers decided to give Pennywise an updated look and it worked. The movie had an initial budget of $35 million and is probably one of 2017’s biggest box office successes with it grossing over $653 million. This is something you’ll need to remember for later in the article.

The movie has already been greenlit a sequel due sometime in 2019.

When will It (2017) be on Netflix?

As we stated earlier, with It being one of the biggest grossing films of 2017 that will automatically push up the price tag to any streaming service wanting to get their hands on the movie. Add to that Warner Brothers are the main distributors of the film and the outlook looks bleak, at least in the short term.

In the United States, although Netflix does carry Warner Brothers movies, they tend to be the older ones in the library. All new Warner Brothers movies currently go straight to HBO which is also likely because of the companies having deep ties.

Netflix US may make a big bid for the movie to round out its Stephen King movie collection but it probably would be too much money based on the return on investment.

Netflix Canada and Netherlands are your best bets for the release of It but even those won’t be for several years.

What about Netflix DVD?

Netflix DVD will definitely be getting It on DVD/Bluray but it can come just after the initial DVD release for the movie. As of right now, the DVD release is expected to be in December 2017 so you can expect it to be available on Netflix DVD shortly after.

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