Will ‘The Family Business’ Return for Season 5 on Netflix?

A fifth season has been teased but yet to be confirmed.

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Originally produced as a film franchise before morphing into a limited series that then developed into one of BET’s biggest scripted dramas, The Family Business recently joined Netflix with all four of its already-released series. Will there be a fifth? Will it be on Netflix? Here’s what you need to know.

As a quick recap, the series has been on the air since 2018, moving to BET+ for season 2 onwards, with 34 episodes produced in total thus far. The most recent season aired in late 2022.

Netflix first confirmed that they had licensed the show in late September 2023, with all four seasons dropping on October 24, 2023. The show was only added to Netflix in the United States and did not impact the show’s availability on BET+.

We can report that Netflix acquired the rights for seasons 1-4 for two years, with the show remaining on the streaming service through the end of October 2025. BET+ is still the ultimate owner of the show an is in control of its future, including renewal.

Has The Family Business been confirmed for a season 5?

Officially, BET and its parent company, Paramount, have yet to announce a fifth season formally. However, writer Carl Weber has seemingly teased that he has been developing new episodes and that it’ll return.

Weber has teased a fifth season multiple times throughout the year, although it’s likely that the WGA strike, which then bled into the SAG-AFTRA strike, has pushed back any official announcement.

The first tease came on May 28th with the writer posting:

“It’s time to start thinking about Family Business Season 5….thoughts?”

In a Facebook post on October 24th, 2023, the stated:

“Hey Hey! Well as you all know It’s been a while and I have to admit I miss you folks. I’ve been hibernating and working overseas while the writers were on strike. Now I’m just waiting and hoping the Actors settle so I can get back to work on Family Business TV show: we were about 40% finished with new season when things went to hell!!!! Speaking of Family Business the first 4 season will now be airing on Netflix’s, Kudos to BET for making that happen.”

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Poster for BET+ The Family Business

Will The Family Business season 5 be on Netflix?

If and when the show does return, it’ll almost undoubtedly be exclusive to BET+ for its initial run and only licensed to Netflix fourth down the line. Given the first four seasons only came to Netflix a year after the fourth season ended, we suspect it wouldn’t be on Netflix until 2025 at the earliest (around the time it’s due to expire), likely meaning they’d need to negotiate for that new season.

It’s worth noting that Paramount, in recent years, has been experimenting with releasing titles on Netflix in pieces to promote its services. That certainly could be the strategy here.

Do you want to see The Family Business return for a fifth season? Would you like it to be on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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