Will ‘The Tax Collector’ be on Netflix?

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The Tax Collector – Picture: RLJE Films

Shia LaBeouf has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years, and has appeared in a number of solid movies. Now, he’s back to appear in The Tax Collector but with cinemas not being appealing right now, you may be wondering whether the movie is coming to Netflix. Let’s take a look. 

Directed by David Ayer, The Tax Collector is about a man working for a crime lord but has his business disrupted when a new rival boss turns up in town and threatens him and his family.

Sadly, the movie hasn’t done too great with either critics or the audience scores (although that number is a tiny sample size at the time of publishing).

The Wrap was particularly damning of the movie saying it contains a lot of “gang movie clichés” and struggled to give them “much reason to care”.

The movie has seen a limited theatrical release but as you can expect, movie ticket sales have been low. The movie did simultaneously released on PVOD services too including the usual iTunes Stores, Google Play, Amazon Prime.

Will The Tax Collector come to Netflix?

Unfortunetely, it doesn’t look like Netflix could get the movie, at least for the next few years.

Although there’s no explicit output deal in place, a number of movies released under the banner thus far can be found on HBO Max. Arizona from 2018, for example, is solely available on HBO Max.

We also managed to find some of their other titles on Prime Video and Hulu but none on Netflix.

It’s also worth noting that RLJ Entertainment is a subsidiary of AMC Networks which will likely also managed to broadcast or stream in some form in the future.

Outside the United States, we found a lot of the movies from their back library absent from Netflix too. Newer RLJE movies can be found on NowTV and Prime Video in the UK for example.

So sadly, it’s highly unlikely (unless a separate deal can be struck outside any existing arrangements) that The Tax Collector will be coming to Netflix.

Let us know in the comments if you wanted to see The Tax Collector on Netflix.

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