5 Best Series like Netflix Original Series ‘Dark’ on Netflix

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best series on netflix like dark

Dark – Picture: Netflix

Dark has been one of the glowing examples of Netflix’s international rollout when it comes to Originals. With the third season now wrapped up concluding the show, you may be looking for something similar. Here are five suggestions as to what to watch after finishing Dark season 3. 

Before we dive into our top alternative picks we have to make a confession. There’s nothing close to the excellency of Dark, you can come close but none surpasses the huge

One big positive you can take away from this article even if you don’t find a suitable alternative is that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese will be working on future projects with Netflix thanks to their overall output deal struck back in June 2018. They already are working on their next project called 1899 which we’ll have more details of in a future post.

The OA

Seasons available: 2

the oa netflix

The OA is by far the closest you’re going to come to Dark on Netflix.

It’s got similar themes including sci-fi elements such as multiple dimensions, mind control and genius writing.

Sadly, The OA was cut short and never got to conclude its story like Dark did but the first season, in particular, is magnificent and well worth watching.

Black Mirror

Seasons available: 5

black mirror netflix

If you love the twisting nature of Dark and the shared universe, then Black Mirror should be on your queue list (but frankly, it should be essential Netflix viewing regardless).

The anthology series dives into multiple genres including lots of sci-fi, horror and as we said, plenty of easter eggs that are fun to track down and connect the universe.

The series seems to be on a bit of a break at the moment due to several reasons but hopefully, there’s plenty more to come in the future.

The Sinner

Seasons available: 2-3 (depending on region)

the sinner netflix

If you love the crime mystery aspect of Dark then we wholeheartedly recommend The Sinner for your Netflix queue.

The anthology series explores why and how people commit some of the most heinous crimes. It shares a similar dark theme to Dark with excellent writing and a great cast of characters.

Black Spot

Seasons available: 2

black spot netflix

One of the two other foreign series we’re going to feature on this list is Black Spot or as it’s known in France, Zone Blanche.

The series is marked as both a crime mystery and contains horror aspects too. It’s about a police chief and a prosecutor looking into a bunch of murders that happen in an isolated village.

One of the biggest comparisons you can make is the cinematography which features the same color palette as dark and generally is visually similar.

Reviews are generally very positive for the series but unlike Dark, hasn’t seen any sort of popularity.


Seasons available: 1

curon netflix

Our second foreign mention in this list (and final highlight of this article) is the newly released Italian Netflix Original Curon.

The series is described as a fantasy teen series but that’s selling it short as it’s a chilling and often scary crime series that’s been one of the best new additions to Netflix in 2020.

For more recommendations on other similar series to Dark on other streaming platforms, TVGuide has put together a great list here which includes titles like Counterpart and Fringe.

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